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The Importance of Land Use Planning in Local Government Areas

By Dieter Krusic-Golub / 21 May, 2024

Land use planning is a critical component of the planning process for local government areas (LGAs), as it helps to ensure that land is used and developed in a way that supports the needs and priorities of the community.

What is shaping population growth in regional Queensland?
By Kieran McConnell / 29 Sep, 2022

Regional Queensland’s growth in family age groups is outpacing the rest of regional Australia and is predominantly driven by Queensland’s major regional cities.

The health of a nation

The 2021 Census included a new question regarding long-term health conditions. Nenad looks at the national and state stories this new dataset tells us, and digs into how the data can inform local government...

Bushfire preparedness with demographics

Local governments play a key role in protecting and preparing their local communities when it comes to bushfires and other natural disasters. In this blog, Nenad demonstrates some of the ways we at .id work...

The demographics of public transport accessibility

Local governments are responsible for providing adequate service and infrastructure to their residents. Making sure there are enough playgrounds in areas with many young families and children and that footpaths...

Bushfire preparedness with demographics

Local Governments play a key role in protecting and preparing their local communities when it comes to bushfires and other natural disasters. In this blog, Nenad demonstrates some of the ways we at .id work...

Coober Pedy – a look at the underground town’s Community Profile

.id’s Community Profile ( is not just for larger councils. In recent years a number of small rural communities have joined the community, for the flexibility it has in demonstrating the...

Melbourne in lockdown – what’s in a boundary?

When ‘Melbourne and Mitchell Shire’ went back into lockdown last week, it made the question of ‘where-you-draw-the-boundary-on-a-place’ an issue of personal interest to many people. As people who tell stories...

So what makes somewhere a good place to live?
By Dan Evans / 26 May, 2020

If you’re in community planning and want to understand what your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live, this blog explains why it’s important to put residents’ values and experiences at the...

Planning the rollout of FOGO bins
By Andrew Hedge / 07 May, 2020

If you’re in waste management at a local council that hasn’t yet introduced FOGO bins, this blog offers some suggestions for planning the transition. Specifically, it explains how to find the number of...

Growth area planning – a challenge and an opportunity

Melton is one of the fastest-growing areas in the fastest-growing city in Australia. Like other growth areas on the urban fringes of our burgeoning capital cities, the headline figures of population growth are...

Whangarei District- riding the Auckland wave?

Whangarei District Council recently joined the .id stable with the launch of their Community Profile and Social Atlas tools. Penny looks at what’s behind the rapid population growth in this idyllic corner of...

Greenfield Futures

.id was recently commissioned to undertake a study looking at greenfield developments to better understand the likely demographic composition as these estates become fully developed and begin to age. The...

A demographic view of the same sex marriage survey results
By Georgia Allan / 16 Nov, 2017

Yesterday, the results of the Marriage Law Survey were released by the ABS – and the result was YES – Australians should be allowed to marry whoever they love, regardless of their sex.

Benchmark thy neighbour: comparing between suburbs in community profile
By Andrew Hedge / 31 Oct, 2017

Benchmark thy neighbour Many of you told us you wanted to compare between suburbs, small areas or districts within your LGA.

Early insights from the second-release Census data

Second release data released by the ABS October 23rd marked the second release of 2016 Census data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Animated population pyramids – now in community profile

The population pyramid, or age-sex pyramid, is a frequently used tool in demographics. It shows the distribution of the population across age groups and between males and females, and is a well known and...

Where do older people live?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 29 Aug, 2017

One of the more powerful aspects of Census data is the ability to analyse population characteristics at small areas of geography.

The devil is in the detail – why planning at the right level matters
By Esther - Team Forecast / 07 Apr, 2017

Our clients voice their frustration with using regular population forecast information – whether it’s geography that is too big for accurate planning, infrequent updates, or underlying assumptions that are...

The tale of two cities becoming one

When councils merge, it creates a new geographic area with its own unique characteristics. Here at .id, we recently completed a suite of community tools for the amalgamation of the former Canterbury City and...

It’s all about people and places
By VICTOR FISHER / 02 Mar, 2017

We are often approached by clients needing to solve complex service-delivery issues and make strategic business decisions. While using an evidence-base to assist in decision-making is a well-known approach, at...

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