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By - sally blandy

Is your school feeling the pressure?

By Sally Blandy / 02 Oct, 2018

Sally explains how a 2008 ‘fertility peak’ in Australia is impacting our secondary schools a decade later and shares a free resource to help schools estimate the impact of future demographic change on their catchment.

Translating demographics into informed location decisions
By Sally Blandy / 18 Oct, 2016

As population experts, our job is to understand how demographic change will affect every part of Australia – every state, regions, suburb and city block. We call this our “knowledge of place”.

Where are the kids? Top 5 growing and slowing suburbs for school aged children
By Sally Blandy / 06 Sep, 2016

By 2026 there will be 705,000 more kids in our schools than there are today. That’s a lot of new schools… 1,400 to be precise!

What does a location strategy consultant do?
By Sally Blandy / 17 Mar, 2016

We often get asked what people who work at .id actually do, and what sort of skills and background they have.

Case Study – Planning for schools: Willoughby Public School
By Sally Blandy / 20 Oct, 2015

The community around Willoughby Public School (WPS) were concerned that the Department of Education was underestimating the population pressures the school faced. They sought out .id for an independent...

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