Case Study – Planning for schools: Willoughby Public School

Sally Blandy

Sally comes to .id after 8 years as a management consultant at KPMG. She specialises in providing strategic advice based on demographic evidence across a range of industries including utilities, property, education and the resources sector. Sally works with our Placemaker and SAFi clients to understand how consumer and demographic trends can impact the demand for their products and services. Sally enjoys cooking, spending time down on the Mornington Peninsula, catching up with family and friends and hanging out with her sausage dog Frankie.

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2 Responses

  1. Bernadette Becher says:

    Just a thought regarding “overcrowding” of schools and the need to build new ones.

    Many years ago, my family visited Malaysia and kids lucky enough to attend a local school for a short period only.) Whilst there I realized, that the school had utilized the one complex by having pupils divided into two separate groups.
    One group would attention from 7am-1pm and the next, from 1pm- 6pm(approx)Not really certain about the details- ie. infants classes in am and primary classes pm??
    This approach, seems to utilize the resources well without the need to spend more on new buildings and prevents overcrowding!!
    Have often wondered whether Australian society could benefit from this system.
    The need to build new schools, could be avoided and better utilization of the ones we have.
    As you communicate with Dep. Of Education- thought I’d put the idea forward.
    Thank- you for your blog.

    Bernadette Becher.

    • Sally Blandy says:

      Hi Bernadette, Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my blog. Staggering school times is a really interesting concept.

      The school system is under significant pressure and in many of our cities demand is coming from within the inner city areas where land is particularly hard to come by. Making the best use of existing infrastructure makes a lot of sense.

      I hope you continue to enjoy our blogs! ~Sally

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