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By - jo little

Notching up 20 years – Happy Birthday to us!

By Jo Little / 14 Sep, 2017

Recently, an important birthday slipped by largely unnoticed. So, in the fine tradition of outing the quiet ones to force recognition of their birthday, I’m bravely calling out my employer – .id. That’s right, .id recently notched up an...

The storytellers of .id: we love a good yarn
By Jo Little / 20 Jun, 2017

As we prepare for the main release of 2016 Australian Census data next week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to gaze forwards and talk about something that will happen after we receive the new data from the...

What’s new?
By Jo Little / 23 Feb, 2017

To continually improve your experience of using the .id community of online tools, we are constantly working to update and enhance the features and functionality of these tools. Here’s a summary of our latest...

Everything you need to know about the 2016 Census
By Jo Little / 02 Aug, 2016

With the 2016 Australian Census almost upon us (only 1 week to go!), we thought it ‘makes Census’ to keep you up to date by bringing all things Census together in one blog.

Why do we need a Census in 2016 anyway?
By Jo Little / 19 Jul, 2016

As Australia recovers from the Federal election, we are about to embark on our next major national event – the 2016 Census. Australians will be asked to complete their Census forms on Tuesday night 9th of...

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