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Can I still use regular statistical releases in a Covid-19 world?

Amid the economic and demographic uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID-19, we continue to receive statistical updates and releases from the ABS and other sources. Many people are wondering which of these releases can still be used...

Demographic profiles for small towns in regional areas

Glenn introduces Locality Snapshots – a new feature in our community profiles to give you localised demographic data for small towns that are usually bundled in with larger regional centres.

SEIFA – a geek’s analysis of the statistical analysis

As we delve into the new SEIFA data released this week by the ABS, Glenn explains how the different socio-economic variables and indicators are weighted to give us a picture of advantage or disadvantage in...

New insights to social disadvantage – new SEIFA data released

After a long wait from the 2016 Census, the last piece of the Census puzzle was released on March 27th. The ABS have now released the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA).

NEW! 2016 Worker profiles on
By Andrew Hedge / 05 Mar, 2018

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and now we’re excited to let you know that the Worker profiles on have now been updated with 2016 Census data. These profiles are a great source of...

Community suite product update – December 2017
By Andrew Hedge / 21 Dec, 2017

This post details the latest data updates we’ve made to the .idCommunity suite – our online tools for local government that are made freely available to the wider community.

Census Crystal Ball Gazing – so how did I do? Part 2

While the 2016 Census was still in the field, I made 12 predictions for the Census results.

Benchmark thy neighbour: comparing between suburbs in community profile
By Andrew Hedge / 31 Oct, 2017

Benchmark thy neighbour Many of you told us you wanted to compare between suburbs, small areas or districts within your LGA.

Early insights from the second-release Census data

Second release data released by the ABS October 23rd marked the second release of 2016 Census data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

2016 Census data now available in your data exporter
By Andrew Hedge / 21 Sep, 2017

If you follow our blog closely you’d be aware we’ve been incrementally releasing updates to our free online tools to include data from the 2016 Census.

Managing changes to 2016 Census data: interpreting perturbation and additivity
By Georgia Allan / 28 Aug, 2017

With recent changes to the way the ABS processed some of the 2016 Census data, we thought we’d give you an overview of the changes and things to consider so you can best analyse Census information. In short,...

Small area information updated in your community profile
By Andrew Hedge / 03 Aug, 2017

We have released our fourth and most significant update to your community profile, with more information from the 2016 Census.

Our third Census update is now live in your community profile
By Andrew Hedge / 21 Jul, 2017

With our third release, you get a fresh look at your community’s income, education and internet connectivity, as well as ancestry, birthplace, religion and proficiency in English. There’s also updated...

Our first Census update is live!

Stop the clock! Just ten days after the 2016 Census data landed in our building, we’ve released the first update to your community profile tool!

2016 Census data have been released!

The ABS today launched the first release of 2016 Census data. This release includes updated population data for Australia, states and territories, and detailed data on a large range of characteristics including...

We've revamped to help you profile your local economy

Taking on board feedback from our customers, we’ve done some work on making easier for you to navigate and use. From today, you’ll notice some changes to the left-hand side menus designed to help you...

What’s new?
By Jo Little / 23 Feb, 2017

To continually improve your experience of using the .id community of online tools, we are constantly working to update and enhance the features and functionality of these tools. Here’s a summary of our latest...

How we're preparing for the release of 2016 Census data and how it helps you

With ‘small area’ 2016 Census data due to be released by the ABS in June 2017, .id is already deep in preparation to ensure we can get the new information updated in our online local government tools as quickly...

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