Benchmark thy neighbour: comparing between suburbs in community profile

Benchmark thy neighbour: comparing between suburbs in community profile

Andrew Hedge 31 Oct, 2017

Benchmark thy neighbour

Many of you told us you wanted to compare between suburbs, small areas or districts within your LGA.

Well, now you can!

You’ve always been able to tell how your small areas compare with the wider community by choosing your LGA, region or all of Australia as a benchmark for the topic you’re investigating.

However, we know that a single local government area can contain many different communities, each with their own demographic story.

This new feature is designed to highlight those stories, by showing how small areas within an LGA compare to one another, for any of the topics in the community profile tool.

Show me how!

To see small area benchmarks for yourself, just head over to your community profile, and open any topic.

Under the ‘Benchmark Area’ menu, you’ll see the full list of small areas for your LGA.

Choose the primary area you’re interested in, then choose a benchmark area.


Make sure you check out the tables below for a clear picture of how your small areas compare.


Did you find something interesting?

If this feature helps you uncover a particularly interesting story in your LGA, share it with us in the comments!

Stay up-to-date

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We want you to feel confident using these new features to understand the story of your changing community.

If you’re still not sure about any of our updates, leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to clarify.

Andrew Hedge

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