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How technology can bring real change to accelerate housing supply

By Guest / 27 Oct, 2023

This guest blog from our colleagues at Archistar takes a look at the way complex processes and regulations slow down property construction, contributing to Australia’s housing crisis. It goes on to look at how AI is being utilised to...

The Check Up: Australians’ views on health and wellbeing
By Dan Evans / 02 Oct, 2023

Australia’s prosperity and success is no longer defined solely by GDP, but also by the health and wellbeing of our population. In this article we explore how our ability to access ‘high quality health services’...

Have your say on the topics included in the 2026 Census

The Census never sleeps. While there is still some information yet to be released from the 2021 Census, the ABS is already well under way preparing for the next Census in 2026, including taking submissions on...

How making good decisions begins by “measuring what matters”
By Ivan - The Founder / 14 Mar, 2023

“Being a good (decision maker) begins with having the right information and mental models for how the world works” (Jim Chalmers, 2023) In his recent essay, the Treasurer of Australia Jim Chalmers has met the...

2021 Census – second release data out now

The ABS have released their second tranche of data from the 2021 Census. Glenn walks us through what’s in the second-release datasets, and the national stories they tell us.

2021 Census update plans
By JOHN KIM / 07 Sep, 2022

The second release of the ABS Census 2021 will be available on 12th October 2022. The release includes employment, qualification and journey to work data which will be used to update Read on for...

Census crystal ball gazing: the results

Following the first release of data from the 2021 Census, demographer and Census expert Glenn Capuano revisits the predictions he made about what this Census would show.

2021 Census data reveals the changing nature of Australia

Highlights from the first release of data from the 2021 Census. What are the major shifts at the national level? What trends will you be reading about in the coming weeks and months?

2021 Census update plans

The ABS has confirmed the date for the first release of data from the 2021 Census. Read on for details on the release and how data will flow through to your .id information tools.

Interpreting Census data at the local level
By Daniel Corbett / 24 Nov, 2021

Seven months out from first the release of 2021 Census data, we’re already working to ensure insights from this key demographic dataset are available to our partners in local government and related...

COVID vaccination rates and SEIFA

As many of us breathlessly review the daily vaccination rates, Glenn takes a look at how vaccination rates differ between LGAs – and how this difference bares a strong resemblance to areas of advantage and...

Happy Census Day 2021!

To mark Census Day 2021, Glenn Capuano gives us a recap and update on where things sit with the Census – and reminds everyone to fill in your Census form!

Happy 10th birthday to .id's blog!

Ten years ago, .id published our first blog. Glenn takes a look back at a decade of conversations about demographics, population forecasting, economics, housing and more.

So what makes somewhere a good place to live?
By Dan Evans / 26 May, 2020

If you’re in community planning and want to understand what your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live, this blog explains why it’s important to put residents’ values and experiences at the...

How we can help you during the Covid-19 response
By Andrew Hedge / 17 Mar, 2020

This update is to share how we’re working in response to Covid-19, how you can contact us and what resources are available to support you during this period.

Planning is in the spotlight! What’s your call to action?
By Ivan - The Founder / 07 Nov, 2019

Planning at state and local levels is in the spotlight – and for good reason. We should be planning for the complex challenges we are experiencing with much more agility.

A note from The Netherlands
By Ivan - The Founder / 05 Feb, 2019

On a recent trip to The Netherlands, I spent a day with Saskia Ruijsink, who is an Urban Strategies and Planning Expert, at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) located in the Erasmus...

Intelligent smaller communities adapting to the digital economy

Picture a small New Zealand council (population 40,000), blessed with magnificent natural beauty and history, but challenged with government centralist policies, a stuttering economy and an ageing population.

How liveable is your community?
By Andrew Hedge / 13 Jun, 2018

What makes somewhere a good place to live?

Benchmark thy neighbour: comparing between suburbs in community profile
By Andrew Hedge / 31 Oct, 2017

Benchmark thy neighbour Many of you told us you wanted to compare between suburbs, small areas or districts within your LGA.

Notching up 20 years – Happy Birthday to us!
By Jo Little / 14 Sep, 2017

Recently, an important birthday slipped by largely unnoticed. So, in the fine tradition of outing the quiet ones to force recognition of their birthday, I’m bravely calling out my employer – .id. That’s right,...

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