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ABS opens second phase of 2026 Census topic consultation

The ABS is consulting on the topics to be included in the 2026 Census. Initial submissions are in, and there is now a list of suggested topics and changes for which the ABS is seeking feedback. Census expert Glenn Capuano outlines the...

What's shaping population in Australia's growth areas?
By Kieran McConnell / 17 May, 2023

As Australia’s new suburbs continue to accommodate much of the country’s population growth, it becomes crucial to adapt housing and services to meet the evolving demands of their growing share of maturing...

Rate of homelessness falls during the pandemic, but not everywhere

Newly released Census 2021 data shows the overall rate of homelessness in Australia has fallen since 2016. But this is by no means the end of the story; as is always the case with these sorts of trends, the...

Have your say on the topics included in the 2026 Census

The Census never sleeps. While there is still some information yet to be released from the 2021 Census, the ABS is already well under way preparing for the next Census in 2026, including taking submissions on...

Interactive chart: new data brings new opportunities for gender equity analysis

Last year I wrote a blog about gender equity and its significance in local government. It was a popular publication that generated significant interest, eliciting engaging discussions with community planners...

Australia’s most educated areas

Where are the most educated areas in Australia? We list the top 30 “Braniac areas”…the local government areas that boast the highest percentage of tertiary educated residents in Australia… In this article, we...

Where have jobs been growing, or declining?

The 2021 Census provides place of work estimates for small areas across Australia. This data can be highly useful in understanding the structure and change of key employment precincts in your LGA.

Who was working from home on Census day 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly accelerated a transition to working from home. What does the Census tell us about this trend? How did lockdowns and work-from-home rules and recommendations affect the data and...

2021 Census – second release data out now

The ABS have released their second tranche of data from the 2021 Census. Glenn walks us through what’s in the second-release datasets, and the national stories they tell us.

What exactly can the Census second release tell us?

This is the second blog in a series leading up to the second release of ABS Census 2021 data on 12th October 2022. In this blog, Keenan explores just what information comes out and where to find it on our...

2021 Census update plans
By JOHN KIM / 07 Sep, 2022

The second release of the ABS Census 2021 will be available on 12th October 2022. The release includes employment, qualification and journey to work data which will be used to update Read on for...

The health of a nation

The 2021 Census included a new question regarding long-term health conditions. Nenad looks at the national and state stories this new dataset tells us, and digs into how the data can inform local government...

‘Vacant’ dwellings – Keep calm and dig a little deeper….
By Georgia Allan / 03 Aug, 2022

Everyone loves a good headline! In this blog, Georgia looks at the nuances of unoccupied dwellings which are sometimes overlooked by media reporting.

Rebased population estimates – big changes to your LGA population

Revised yearly population estimates for LGAs from 2017 onwards have just been released by the ABS, based on the 2021 Census. Glenn explains how this revision process (rebasing) works and what it means for LGAs...

Census crystal ball gazing: the results

Following the first release of data from the 2021 Census, demographer and Census expert Glenn Capuano revisits the predictions he made about what this Census would show.

Australia's net overseas migration increasing again

While most of us were glued to our screens and TVs in anticipation of the first release of the 2021 Census, another valuable statistical dataset was released by the ABS – “National, state and territory...

Census release: Australia's population revised downward, major changes to state and territory growth rates

Along with the first release from the 2021 Census, the ABS have released updated estimates for Australia’s states and territories and revised previous estimates for the last five years. These revisions shed new...

2021 Census data reveals the changing nature of Australia

Highlights from the first release of data from the 2021 Census. What are the major shifts at the national level? What trends will you be reading about in the coming weeks and months?

2021 Census update plans

The ABS has confirmed the date for the first release of data from the 2021 Census. Read on for details on the release and how data will flow through to your .id information tools.

2021 Census information is coming. What does it mean for your council’s population forecast?
By Andrew Rossiter / 04 Mar, 2022

With the release of 2021 Census data fast approaching, our Local Government Population Forecasting Team is preparing for the ‘most anticipated Census in a generation’.

Preparing for the Census 2021 data release

It’s no small task to process the huge amount of Census data into local insights. Continuing the story of our Census 2021 preparation, Glenn shares some behind the scenes tales of how .id approaches this...

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