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By - georgia allan

‘Vacant’ dwellings – Keep calm and dig a little deeper….

By Georgia Allan / 03 Aug, 2022

Everyone loves a good headline! In this blog, Georgia looks at the nuances of unoccupied dwellings which are sometimes overlooked by media reporting.

New report finds housing affordability in dire straits
By Georgia Allan / 13 May, 2022

In this blog, Georgia shares some of the high level findings of Anglicare Australia’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot. It’s not a fantastic picture for our most vulnerable communities, so she also shares...

Why having more affordable sales than rentals is not always a good thing
By Georgia Allan / 06 Feb, 2022

A cautionary tale! Georgia shares an easy trap to fall into when looking at affordable housing supply to the detriment of some of the most vulnerable in the housing market. She then shares why it’s a trap, and...

What can Councils do about affordable housing?
By Georgia Allan / 18 Nov, 2021

Today we’re launching a new resource – an ebook we hope will provide you with some new ideas for tackling housing affordability in your area.

Map: How many 3-bedroom homes are occupied by lone persons in your area?
By Georgia Allan / 27 Jul, 2020

In today’s blog, Georgia uses the example of ‘lone persons living in 3 bedroom homes’ to demonstrate a mismatch between household types and dwellings. We’re writing about this today because this information is...

Where are the most at risk mortgage holders?
By Georgia Allan / 12 Jun, 2020

In the current climate of economic and social uncertainty, many have started to ask how this is likely to impact residents in their local area. Will low income households be able to make their financial...

What is happening in Australia's housing market?
By Georgia Allan / 30 Apr, 2020

In the current climate of economic and social uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not a surprise that there have been changes in Australia’s housing market. While there has been plenty of...

What types of workers are lower income and need affordable housing options?
By Georgia Allan / 27 Feb, 2020

In this blog, Georgia looks in further detail at the income bands many states are using in the housing affordability space. Just who falls into these bands? Are they ‘key workers’ for your local economy?

Is downsizing something our older generation are interested in?
By Georgia Allan / 13 Feb, 2020

This blog is the third in our series on housing consumption patterns, looking at how our older population would prefer to live and their housing aspirations.

What sort of housing does our young workforce want to live in?
By Georgia Allan / 30 Jan, 2020

This blog follows on from one Georgia wrote a few weeks ago, looking at how young adults would prefer to live and their housing aspirations. In this blog we keep the theme going, and have a look at the next...

How do Australia’s young people want to live?
By Georgia Allan / 09 Jan, 2020

Something that Councils always ask about is what type of housing do people really want to live in, as opposed to what they are living in? There is often the suspicion that people are living in housing that is...

Changing rental costs – not always the story you expect
By Georgia Allan / 12 Dec, 2019

In today’s blog, Georgia takes a look at the change in median weekly rental costs in South Australia and Victoria. She discovers things are not always as the media would have you believe. If you’re interested...

Is your local housing market supplying for vulnerable households?
By Georgia Allan / 18 Nov, 2019

We’ve written a lot about housing stress recently, and understanding the numbers of households spending too much on their mortgage and rental payments. There are a number of drivers of housing stress, one of...

Growth areas: Growing up
By Georgia Allan / 31 Oct, 2019

Later this month I’ll be attending the National Growth Areas Alliance 2019 Congress, along with my fellow demographers Glenn and Nenad. In preparation, we’ve been looking at some interesting stories from growth...

Townsville: A unique housing story
By Georgia Allan / 21 Oct, 2019

In today’s blog, Georgia shows our recent Housing Report Starter guide in action. If you haven’t got your copy of the guide yet, you can download one here. Our housing team will also be at the International...

(MAP) Where are the hotspots for residential development in Australia?
By Georgia Allan / 04 Oct, 2019

Building approvals are a leading indicator of the general level of residential development, economic activity, employment and investment in a given area. Approvals are also an important data point in the...

The early warning signal for housing affordability pressure
By Georgia Allan / 19 Sep, 2019

There’s one piece of data that anyone with a community profile can check as an early indicator of housing affordability pressure. It’s a change in housing tenure – whether people are renting, paying off a...

Unpacking ‘severely overcrowded housing’
By Georgia Allan / 19 Jul, 2019

In the latest piece from our new housing team, Georgia revisits the topic of overcrowding to see how the technical definition of an overcrowded dwelling reflects the reality in Australia today. You can learn...

Map: which LGAs in our fastest-growing states show the highest rates of housing stress?
By Georgia Allan / 23 May, 2019

Following her previous blog about housing stress, a number of people contacted Georgia wanting to know where housing stress was playing out at more of a local level. We’re only looking at New South Wales and...

How to measure housing stress in your local government area
By Georgia Allan / 02 May, 2019

Georgia Allan shares some work we’ve done with the ABS in response to a recent change to the definition of ‘housing stress’ in some parts of Australia. This change enables our local government partners to...

The tricky thing about planning for affordable housing
By Georgia Allan / 25 Feb, 2019

After speaking with a number of council planning teams, we confirmed our suspicions: preparing an evidence base for their housing strategy is harder than it should be. A small team at .id have launched a new...

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