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By - john kim

2021 Census update plans

By JOHN KIM / 07 Sep, 2022

The second release of the ABS Census 2021 will be available on 12th October 2022. The release includes employment, qualification and journey to work data which will be used to update Read on for details on the release and...

Investing in education assets to address skill shortages
By JOHN KIM / 18 Aug, 2022

Providing safe, effective and accessible health care services is important for the smooth functioning of the community and its economy. However, Australia has a shortage of healthcare professionals and the...

Monitor your investment pipeline using non-residential buildings approvals
By JOHN KIM / 16 Oct, 2019

Last Friday, October 11th, the .id economics team released the latest update to the building approvals data. With this update, users can monitor the latest economic trends in their Local Government Area (LGA).

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