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Movement in and out of Australia: who, why and how many

By Simone - Myth Buster / 13 Mar, 2018

The Census of Population and Housing is probably the most well known demographic data set released by the ABS, but there is a wealth of other data released which tells us how the Australian population is changing. Each month statistics...

Australia’s largest cities and towns – 1986 and 2016
By Simone - Myth Buster / 29 Jan, 2018

Cast your mind back to 1986 – a time of shoulder pads, mullets, fluffy jumpers and dangly earrings. Hawthorn won the VFL premiership, university education was still free (just), and Bananarama’s version of...

Birth numbers in Australia hit an all-time record!
By Simone - Myth Buster / 24 Jan, 2018

Birth numbers in Australia are at all-time highs, but the story varies markedly across Australia. How does this trend play out spatially? What are the highlights of the births data for 2016, and how does this...

Regional cities – are they growing or slowing?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 13 Sep, 2017

It’s no secret that Australia’s largest cities are recording rapid rates of population growth. This presents challenges for infrastructure provision, transport and demand for services. How do urban planners...

Where do older people live?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 29 Aug, 2017

One of the more powerful aspects of Census data is the ability to analyse population characteristics at small areas of geography.

What is a peri-urban area and how are they changing?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 15 Aug, 2017

At .id, we often blog about population growth and change across metropolitan areas of Australia because let’s face it – the current era of rapid population growth is changing our demographic story and creates...

Is the tide still out on coastal growth?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 07 Aug, 2017

One of the more interesting demographic trends in recent years has been the slow down in population growth in coastal areas of Australia. Through our population forecasting work, .id’s forecasters have long...

Are vacant dwellings in Australia just a coastal phenomenon?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 13 Jul, 2017

Vacant dwellings seem to get a bad rap in the mainstream press and social media – they are blamed for housing affordability issues, for having negative social outcomes in coastal areas and are even associated...

How the release of 2016 Census data affects your council’s population forecast
By Simone - Myth Buster / 11 Jul, 2017

Now that the ABS has started to release 2016 Census data, you might be wondering when we will start to update our Local Government population forecasts.

Australia's changing waves of migration
By Simone - Myth Buster / 04 Jul, 2017

By any measure, Australia has a strong tradition of migration – from the gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century, through to the post-war migration boom, and more recently a wave of migration associated with...

Is the way we are living changing? Trends show changes in dwelling density and house size
By Simone - Myth Buster / 04 Jul, 2017

Australia is said to have some of the biggest houses in the world. But it’s not all about house size when it comes to dwelling trends in Australia. Using the latest 2016 Census data, we can see how the way we...

Australia’s changing age structure – Is it all just about ageing?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 28 Jun, 2017

We often hear that Australia’s population is ageing but … is that the whole story? While there’s no doubt there is an element of population ageing, there are other age-related trends going on too. At .id, we...

How no religion became the most common religion in Australia
By Simone - Myth Buster / 28 Jun, 2017

Of all the topics in the Census, religion seems to be the one that generates the most discussion. The Census is the only reputable source of data on religion in Australia, but it’s also the only optional...

Australia’s changing ethnicity: A preview of the 2016 Census?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 14 Jun, 2017

One of the great things about Census data is that it provides real insights into how communities are changing. There is simply no other data source in Australia that provides such rich insights. In the lead up...

Future population growth in Canberra’s diverse region
By Simone - Myth Buster / 27 Apr, 2017

Planning for future population growth and change in southern New South Wales just got a little easier with the publication of population and dwelling forecasts ( for each of the eight member...

Has the baby boom ended? A downward trend in Tasmania
By Simone - Myth Buster / 24 Nov, 2016

Each November the ABS releases births data for Australia, States and smaller geographic areas such as LGAs. This data not only provides us with a glimpse into the future, but it also reflects contemporary...

How has Western Australia’s population aged over time?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 04 Nov, 2016

One of the more effective ways to demonstrate changes in the composition of the population is to look at the age structure over time. Observations that span a generation or more show where the population has...

New lines drawn around NSW highlight housing trends
By Simone - Myth Buster / 19 Sep, 2016

In May 2016, the NSW government announced the first of a series of council amalgamations, including several in the Sydney metropolitan area. With .id working closely with the local government sector, there were...

What the Census means for demographers, planners and me
By Simone - Myth Buster / 08 Aug, 2016

Tomorrow is Census day for Australia! It’s been many years since I first got my hands on a Census form – as a 10-year-old I was intrigued by the form which asked questions about everyone in the house, from how...

Standin’ on a corner – are bypassed towns doomed to die?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 07 Jul, 2016

What happens to towns when they’re bypassed by major highways? Are they doomed, or does it present other opportunities?

Are investors responsible for all the vacant dwellings?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 31 May, 2016

Recently the City Futures Research Centre at the UNSW published a blog article that suggested that there was a link between vacant dwellings and rental yields. It concluded that dwelling vacancy rates were...

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