Australia’s changing ethnicity: A preview of the 2016 Census?

Simone - Myth Buster

Simone has a rich background in human geography, demography and urban planning – a background that was useful in her previous roles in the Commonwealth and State Governments, and now as part of the forecast team at .id. From the Queensland coast to the southern suburbs of Perth, Simone produces population and dwelling forecasts that help local governments make informed decisions about future service and planning needs. She is a regular contributor to .id’s blog and has spoken at several conferences on how our cities and regions are changing. She is a big advocate of evidence-based planning and how Census and other data can inform this. Outside of work Simone is a keen traveller and photographer – interests that tie in well with her professional life and help her to understand “place”.

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3 Responses

  1. Essay writer says:

    I never knew that regarding the power of censored data..Very insightful and informative article.Great post

  2. Tony says:

    i recently read a report based on 2011 census data that was disputing myths about ethnic concentration in australian neighborhoods. ( Somebody mentioned the 2016 census data revealed a different story. I have not seen any such studies from 2016 census data. Would my source be correct in stating this or do you feel the new data shows similar facts regarding ethic diversity in neighborhoods in australia? your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Simone Alexander says:

      Hi Tony,

      Yes I read that report too – it was very interesting. Given that the 2016 Census data has only been available for a couple of weeks, we haven’t had a chance to analyse it to that extent yet. You might be aware that we publish population related blogs on a regular basis so more blogs on these topics are highly likely in the coming months. However, if you are keen to see how or if it’s change, the data for small areas and birthplace, language, religion and ancestry can be extracted through the ABS Tablebuilder product.

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