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Do old people drive old cars?

Correlation between data sets doesn’t always mean there is a common underlying cause.

Measuring the casualisation of your workforce

The ‘gig economy’ is the most recent incarnation of a decades-long trend toward under-employment and the ‘casualisation’ of our workforce. But how do you tell if this trend is playing out in your area?

How are libraries responding to demographic change?

As front-line service providers, council public libraries have to respond to Australia’s changing demographic profile. In this blog, Jim shares how some libraries in South Australia are planning to do just that.

The power of positive thinking – and the immortal baby

At .id our population forecasters prepare 25-year population forecasts for local council areas and sometimes for other regions.

Toward the year 2018 – a look ahead from 50 years ago

In 1968, a group of 12 thought leaders gathered together at a futurist conference in New York, USA. Their topic? What will the world be like in 2018?

Using '40s technology to predict how policies affect our economy

How can you predict the effect of monetary policy on the economy? Apparently, the answer has been around since the ’40s!

Looking at your area from a demographic perspective: Mid Murray

Maybe I’m showing my age, but a recent trip to Mid-Murray Council reminded me of the old TV series F Troop. In the TV series, to get to Fort Courage, you had to turn left at the rock that looks like a bear, and...

Businesses use demographics to reduce loan repayments

Businesses are increasingly using demographics to help them find new customers, obtain business finance more readily and reduce their business costs. Have a look at this video put together by the Sunshine Coast...

.id tools a “game changer” for Fraser Coast businesses

“Ensuring prospective and existing businesses have access to the latest information and statistics allows them to make more informed decisions and ultimately creates better business.” David Spear, General...

Senior’s playground – preparing for an ageing population

When most Australians think of recreation and sport, we think of Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and much more. Australia is widely regarded as a “Sporting Nation”

I like traffic lights…but only when they’re green

Immortalised by the somewhat repetitive Monty Python song “I like traffic lights”, traffic lights are a permanent part of our transport system.

Converting .id PDF reports to Word format

Like most users of .id online demographic and economic profile tools, if you have been using the new reports feature, you’ll know it’s a great way to quickly make professional, informative reports on a range of...

Tales of the underworld – homes below the ground

The vast majority of the urban development we see and discuss at .id (along with our local government clients) occurs above ground.

Population Density – just how much room do you need?

Look at any list of population density by country, and you’ll be sure to find Australia pretty close to the bottom. Often called the “island continent”, Australia, as a country, has a population density of just...

The driverless car - the end of public transport?

I was reading today about the latest Ford Kuga – full of all the latest technical wizardry such as adaptive cruise control, active city stop, lane guidance, blind spot indicators, reverse park assist, as well...

Got anything to report?

.id’s demographic and economic tools are easy to use, and web-based so they are available for anyone to explore, online.

Four bunches of green grapes, please

Here at .id we deal with a huge quantity of numbers, so its hard for us to imagine a society where numbers don’t exist. But there is one …

Sunshine Coast Council selects for major economic data project

Sunshine Coast Council recently released its Economic Development Strategy, and to keep track of the progress towards their economic development goals they selected, the online economic profile from...

The Land Airbus – tomorrow’s monorail?

It seems that 30-odd years ago, the monorail was being touted as the solution to urban transport, especially in cities.

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