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Exploring the industry sectors that make your region unique

.id has recently launched a new tool to help communities understand and promote their strategic industries. In today’s blog, we explore the insights we found from exploring the Creative and Cultural sector in Sydney’s inner west.

Where have jobs been growing, or declining?

The 2021 Census provides place of work estimates for small areas across Australia. This data can be highly useful in understanding the structure and change of key employment precincts in your LGA.

What exactly can the Census second release tell us?

This is the second blog in a series leading up to the second release of ABS Census 2021 data on 12th October 2022. In this blog, Keenan explores just what information comes out and where to find it on our...

COVID-19 – The death of small businesses or the rise of ‘zombies’?

In this blog, Keenan explores what the mid-year release of Business data by the ABS tells us about the COVID impacts on small business numbers.

Remote working - the new reality?

History shows that the recovery period following economic downturns can often accelerate the transition of industries or magnify trends that were already occurring in the economy. In this blog, Keenan explores...

Interactive chart: what drove your local economy in 2018/19?

With newly-released local area economic data now in our local area economic profiles (, Keenan Jackson provides some commentary and insights to help you understand what factors influenced the...

Riding the boom and bust

This week, Keenan and Glenn are heading north to attend the Developing Northern Australia conference in Karratha, where they’ll be speaking with local policymakers, economic development professionals and a...

How has your local economy fared in recent years? (interactive charts)

Two years is a long time in economic development at the local government level. .id economist, Keenan Jackson, has prepared this analysis with interactive charts for every local government area in Australia,...

How much does a 60-year-old aged-care worker in Burnie actually make?

This week there was a debate in the lower house about the Government’s proposed tax cuts package – and one statement caught the attention of media.

Clustering for innovation

Early last year, I had the opportunity to work with the City of Monash to develop a strategic economic profile of the council area. It was a rewarding and interesting project as I got to explore one of...

Where are all the jobs?

We hear a lot about the growth of jobs in Australia’s cities, but in this article, Keenan shows that’s only part of the story. This is a cautionary tale for anyone analysing how jobs growth in any part of...

Planning for change in Warrnambool and Colac-Otway

This year .id had the chance to work with two different areas in Victoria’s South-West – Warrnambool and Colac Otway.

Project review: Youth Unemployment in Western Sydney

Generating an understanding of how social and economic issues impact specific demographics and places is a driving force behind .id’s work.

Where is the love? Relationship status, marriage and divorce in Australia

Following on from some recent blogs looking at the changing nature of Australia’s age, ethnic background and religious beliefs, I thought I’d take a quick look at how relationships are tracking.

Toowoomba taking off

In a recent case study, we discovered Toowoomba is on the up and up. As a regional centre, Toowoomba has invested in infrastructure and fostered an entrepreneurial business culture. Now, a growing number of...

How much is an Aluminium worker worth?

The Federal and Victorian Governments recently announced a $230 million bailout for Alcoa, a large Aluminium smelter based in the western Victorian town of Portland. The smelter has come under recent costs...

What’s driving change in your economy’s competitive industries?

We are often asked by local governments and regional bodies how to understand the competitive and non-competitive industries of a region. In addition to using Location Quotients (read our previous blog on using...

How to understand your region?s competitive edge

One of the most common requests we receive from local governments and regional bodies is how to better understand the competitive and non-competitive industries of a region. This information helps to identify...

Beyond jobs and growth: Using economic projections to inform planning

We’ve all heard the catch cry ‘jobs and growth’ and it seems a lot of governments regardless of political persuasion are on board. But creating employment requires more than a catchy slogan – it needs good...

Using the three P's of economic growth

Every year the Productivity Commission (PC) releases its Productivity Update which aims to explore the different factors driving the growth of Australia’s economy. They do this by breaking GDP growth into three...

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