How has your local economy fared in recent years? (interactive charts)

Keenan Jackson

Keenan is an economic development specialist who has worked extensively analysing and developing economic programs, strategies and policies in the public sector. Keenan works with our local government clients to help them explore and understand how their regions are changing over time to help them make better decisions and create evidence-based strategies related to local economic development. Keenan enjoys running, travelling and is soon to be a father, eagerly awaiting the challenges and delights it brings.

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5 Responses

  1. Dorothy Rook says:

    Is it possible to get information for Fairfield and Liverpool in NSW? As a Board member for the local Community Radio Station 893fm 2GLF we would be interested in this information or are we to draw ACCURATE corollaries from Greater Melbourne?

    • Andrew Hedge says:

      Hi Dorothy,
      Yes, on the third chart you can see these indicators for every local government area in Australia, including Fairfield – just choose ‘Greater Sydney’ from the region menu, and Fairfield from the ‘Choose LGA’ menu.

  2. Hi Keenan and Andrew

    This is an excellent post, which I think gives a lot of insight into key issues affecting regional areas (and the language is very accessible too!). I have one question though in regards to the data sources, since that wasn’t specified. Did you use ABS data or some other source for the regional GRP, local jobs and employed residents?

    I look forward to your response and please keep writing more blog posts like these! It’s a boon to people based in regional areas.


    • Keenan Jackson says:

      Hi Caroline,

      I’m glad the post was useful! All annual economic data is sourced from NIEIR (National Economics), our key provider for all our sites.
      .id aims to assist regions to make informed decisions based off a relevant up-to-date evidence base. That’s why we also make all our sites public. We work with LGAs and regional bodies such as yours right across Australia.
      If you have any further specific questions about the data or our products, feel free to contact me. Thanks

  3. Caroline Constant says:


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