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By - daniel corbett

Could private capital resolve our housing crisis?

By Daniel Corbett / 02 Jun, 2023

Could property investment capital be redirected to offer new solutions to Australia’s housing crises? Why aren’t existing solutions gaining traction? A summary of the PEXA / LongView housing whitepaper, Mobilising Private Capital for...

Is renting in Australia broken?
By Daniel Corbett / 28 Apr, 2023

At a time when more people are renting for longer, the rental market is facing a series of challenges. Rental affordability and availability is decreasing for those most in need, while the rental experience...

What are the long-term drivers of Australian house prices?
By Daniel Corbett / 12 Apr, 2023

Daniel summarises the whitepaper What drives Australian house prices over the long term?, which takes an interesting long-term view on the economics of house prices including the combination of our demographic...

Using Census data to understand changing community diversity
By Daniel Corbett / 11 Jan, 2022

Daniel walks through our work reviewing categorisations for birthplace, ancestry, language and religion topics for our demographic information tools. This blog is part of our ongoing series sharing our work...

Interpreting Census data at the local level
By Daniel Corbett / 24 Nov, 2021

Seven months out from first the release of 2021 Census data, we’re already working to ensure insights from this key demographic dataset are available to our partners in local government and related...

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