What are the long-term drivers of Australian house prices?

Daniel Corbett

Daniel is a strategic lead at .id, working across our demographics and housing offerings. Much of his time focused on how we best convert our expertise into real value for our partners in local government.

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  1. Graham Gilbert says:

    Perhaps you could do some fact checking .
    Residential rents are gst free and the threshold of $75000 for registration does not apply .
    Therefore all gst on rental management charges and expenses including repairs is not claimed as a gst credit but claimed as an expense against rental income .The result is very significant when taking into account the total of GST claimed as an expense. Ask the ATO how much GST is claimed as an expense for the 12 months to 30 June 2022 ..they do not record it and have no idea. But the cost is passed on the the renter and the general pool of taxation is reduced to subsidise the landlords gst … go figure ?
    The CBA claims that 71 % of new mortgages are funded by customers deposits …you do the cash flow and you will find that that is utter bullshit just to soften the publics view that funds are costing the banks more . Most new loans are funded by turnover of mortgage funds and profit. In fact the term of a loan is 30 years…do the sums how much capital is turned over each year ..plus profit less tax , less dividend and 6 billion return of capital and the result will be how much of new loans are funded by cash flow .
    don’t let me gat started on the LMI insurance scam and financing loss making enterprise ..

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