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By - georgia allan

How to build an evidence base for your housing strategy

By Georgia Allan / 27 Sep, 2018

Are you building an evidence base for housing strategy? (NSW councils, we’re looking at you!) Georgia works in our housing consulting team and has helped prepare the evidence base for a number of councils’ housing strategies. In this...

I am feeling very Olympic today!
By Georgia Allan / 08 Feb, 2018

Over the weekend, my most favourite movie of all time, Cool Runnings, was on TV.

A demographic view of the same sex marriage survey results
By Georgia Allan / 16 Nov, 2017

Yesterday, the results of the Marriage Law Survey were released by the ABS – and the result was YES – Australians should be allowed to marry whoever they love, regardless of their sex.

Tips and tricks to understanding Census data: how to visualise a story
By Georgia Allan / 31 Oct, 2017

Let’s face it, analysing and managing Census data can be a complex beast. At .id, we invest a huge amount of time understanding and applying Census data, so we thought we’d share some of our secrets to help...

Where are school-aged kids located? Top 10 growing and slowing suburbs
By Georgia Allan / 18 Sep, 2017

Between the 2011 and 2016 Censuses, there was an increase of 174,600 school aged kids (5-17 years) across Australia – the equivalent of approximately 300 schools!

Managing changes to 2016 Census data: interpreting perturbation and additivity
By Georgia Allan / 28 Aug, 2017

With recent changes to the way the ABS processed some of the 2016 Census data, we thought we’d give you an overview of the changes and things to consider so you can best analyse Census information. In short,...

Children in apartments – where the bloody hell are they?
By Georgia Allan / 21 Aug, 2017

Greater Sydney, that’s where! The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Greater Sydney have dominated the children in apartments market in 2016.

The death of the great Australian dream? Are more families living in apartments?
By Georgia Allan / 24 Jul, 2017

If .id had a dollar for every time someone asked us about families with children living in apartments, we could probably shut our doors and retire comfortably. But in all seriousness, it’s a real area of...

Australia’s changing cultural diversity – top 10 places of origin for people born overseas
By Georgia Allan / 28 Jun, 2017

Birthplace has probably been the most discussed topic in the office since the Census data was released. It’s one of the topics where we see the most change, and its a great reflection of Australia’s past,...

How to profile your local community like a pro
By Georgia Allan / 13 Apr, 2017

With the 2016 Australian Census results due to be released over the coming months, we thought we’d write about how you can get the most out of the new Census data using .id’s online community tools and...

Australia's top 20 fastest growing areas
By Georgia Allan / 03 Apr, 2017

It’s that time of year again (not just the AFL season), the ABS has released 2016 Estimated Resident Population (ERP) figures for Local Government Areas and other small area geographies in Australia. As always...

The problem with over-generalisations
By Georgia Allan / 25 Nov, 2016

At .id, we love a good story. But we believe that an essential component of a good story includes its establishment in some sort of credible evidence, data or fact.

Important Census dates for your diary
By Georgia Allan / 26 Jul, 2016

Hopefully by now you’re all aware that the 2016 Census is happening next month. This is a quick blog to let you know some key dates around the Census – especially as the way the ABS are running things this time...

Australia’s population hits 24 million
By Georgia Allan / 15 Feb, 2016

Australia’s population is estimated to reach 24 million at 12:50am (AEDT) tomorrow (16 February 2016)! The ABS population clock is based on assumptions from historical demographic indicators. The current...

Lowest births in Australia for the past 10 years
By Georgia Allan / 05 Nov, 2015

According to ABS births data, there were 299,697 babies born in Australia in 2014. This was a small decrease from the 308,065 recorded in 2013. So what does the ABS data tell us about the babies of 2014 and...

The youngest ethnic group in NSW
By Georgia Allan / 23 Oct, 2015

While calculating the median ages of each birthplace group in New South Wales in order to discover the oldest and youngest ethnic groups, I stumbled upon an interesting figure. The youngest by far is the...

What affects the heart health of an area? A case of good heart health – City of Yarra
By Georgia Allan / 03 Sep, 2015

What are the factors that contribute to the overall heart health – good or bad – of an area? In a recent blog by Glenn – Predicting your area’s future heart health, he outlined the work we did with Heart...

Depicting demographic and migration trends in art
By Georgia Allan / 07 Jul, 2015

Apart from using numbers and charts, how can we visually present and tell a compelling story about demographic and migration trends? Over the past month, the team at .id have very kindly let me out of the...

Poorest postcodes in Australia
By Georgia Allan / 08 May, 2015

In Australia, the richest and poorest areas have recorded an income gap of approximately 150k. Both these areas are located within New South Wales. What causes this disparity within one single state? What...

Did air-conditioning get Ronald Reagan elected?
By Georgia Allan / 17 Apr, 2015

Here at .id we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how places shape population and populations shape place. But there are often many other factors. Last week on ABC they aired an American program...

Health services in rural Australia
By Georgia Allan / 08 Jan, 2015

Many rural areas of Australia have been experiencing a decline in population. This is not a new phenomenon, some areas have been declining since the late 19th – early 20th century. What has put a twist on this...

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