What can Councils do about affordable housing?

What can Councils do about affordable housing?

Georgia Allan 18 Nov, 2021

Today we’re launching a new resource – an ebook we hope will provide you with some new ideas for tackling housing affordability in your area.

You can download your free copy of How Councils can influence affordable housing here, or read about the inspiration behind the ebook and an overview of its contents below.

Every time we speak with people that work in local government, we’re blown away by the passion they have for improving their communities. While many people still associate Councils with the ‘three R’s’ (rates, roads and rubbish), Councils are responsible for and work in a much wider range of areas.

Some of the issues Councils are trying to address are really complex. And sometimes with difficult problems its hard to know what to do or how to start to solve them. Housing affordability is one such issue that we’ve heard that many Councils are currently grappling with.

We want to help

.id are in a really privileged position of working with Councils across Australia, hearing about the housing affordability issues in their areas and the various approaches being taken to address the issue. We’d like to think of ourselves as a conduit between different Councils – sharing what we learn from one Council with those facing similar issues. That’s why we’ve put together our new ebook, sharing a range of actions Council can undertake to address housing affordability.

We’ve collated these actions around the housing affordability continuum, and five pillars:

  • Inform
  • Advocate
  • Partner and Support
  • Intervene
  • Monitor

Get your copy of the ebook

You can download this free resource here

Help us help more Councils

We want to hear from you! Is your Council working on projects in the affordable housing space? We’d love to hear how you’re approaching it and the actions you’ve undertaken so that your ideas can help other Councils facing similar problems.

Or do you have a question about how to gain more visibility on the affordability of housing in your area? We’d love to chat – you can book a time with us here, or send us your questions and we’ll do our best to help!

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Georgia Allan

Georgia completed a Masters in Population Studies and Demography at Flinders University in Adelaide. At .id, Georgia is a consultant in .id's housing team. She was heavily involved in the creation and continued development of, the online tool developed to give councils an accessible evidence base for planning and advocacy. Georgia has prepared housing demand and supply analysis for a range of councils, including those in inner-city, middle ring, growth and peri-urban areas. When not in the office, she is likely to be cooking, knitting, crocheting, or buried in a good book.

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