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Lessons we learned from the Building Better Regions Fund

By Andrew Hedge / 04 Sep, 2017

We first published this blog in 2017, just after we had finished working with a number of local councils to help them secure funding for local community development projects. Reflecting on the submissions that were successful (and those...

What’s new?
By Jo Little / 23 Feb, 2017

To continually improve your experience of using the .id community of online tools, we are constantly working to update and enhance the features and functionality of these tools. Here’s a summary of our latest...

Happy 6th birthday to the .id blog!
By Rebecca / 22 Dec, 2016

In 2010, just two days before Christmas, .id published its first blog titled, Should I use Enumerated or Usual Residence data? – a blog which is still as relevant even though it was written six years ago. Since...

.id community sites get a facelift

In an effort to make our community of demographic websites more intuitive, we’ve been working on some new updates we are excited to share with you. Our User Experience Designer, Mike Dunbar has been spending...

How can demographics help your business?
By Georgie Scanlon / 28 Sep, 2016

Demography is the study of people and populations. But how does demographic data translate into information relevant to businesses and organisations?

What does a location strategy consultant do?
By Sally Blandy / 17 Mar, 2016

We often get asked what people who work at .id actually do, and what sort of skills and background they have.

Inside .id: What does an urban economist do?
By Janet / 22 Feb, 2016

We publish many blogs about the demographic and economic insights we unearth in our research. However, we often get asked about our people. What do people who work at .id do, and what sort of skills and...

Tourism – Visitor Survey data now live in!

Have you ever wanted to know how many visitors come to your Local Government Area (LGA) from interstate? Overseas, or as local day trippers? We are pleased to announce that we have come to an arrangement with...

Learn to use your demographic resources
By Rebecca / 27 May, 2015

How can I find the specific demographic information I need? Having the data is one thing but learning to use it is another story altogether.

Updates on the 2016 Census

What are some of changes you can expect to see in the 2016 Census with the additional funding boost?

Census 2016 is going ahead

It will be a relief to many of our readers to learn that the 2016 Census will be going ahead, with the ABS receiving a much needed funding boost in the upcoming budget. You can read details in this article in...

Victorian crime statistics release – Is Victoria in the grip of a crime wave?

The news in Melbourne at the moment is dominated by the shocking murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic. This tragic event has overshadowed the release of detailed data on crime in the state. The new,...

Let’s join forces to Save the 2016 Census

If, like us, you think shifting the Census from a five to ten yearly cycle is a bad idea, let’s join forces to stop it. If you believe in planning at the local level for local communities, join with us to help...

What is the value of housing in your local economy?

We are very excited to introduce new data on housing valuation and rental listings to our economic profiles (, via our new partnership with Hometrack Pty. Ltd.

Highlights for 2014
By Ivan - The Founder / 17 Dec, 2014

Like you, we want to be influential. in New Zealand

Sometimes you need to get up really close and personal … with your community. Standing too far back can hide the special characteristics of a neighbourhood. lite is now online for all existing clients

A comprehensive and wide-ranging update is underway for – and the first stages are now being made available to all clients to trial for the next twelve months.

Value-adding to Census data

.id regards the ABS website as a fantastic resource for raw data pertaining to Australian society. The ABS run one of the most comprehensive and high quality Censuses in the world, so Local Government in... has now been updated with second release Census 2011 data

The 230+ sites around Australia have now been updated with the latest second release data from the 2011 Census. The data was released at the end of October by the ABS, so we’ve been working flat out...

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