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Understanding the community’s views of climate change

By Dan Evans / 06 Feb, 2024

Understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change is fast becoming a central feature in policy across all levels of government. While stand-alone adaptation strategies exist, the nature of climate change – and its expression...

The Check Up: Australians’ views on health and wellbeing
By Dan Evans / 02 Oct, 2023

Australia’s prosperity and success is no longer defined solely by GDP, but also by the health and wellbeing of our population. In this article we explore how our ability to access ‘high quality health services’...

A Place to Call Home: The High Impact ‘Affordable Decent Housing’ has on Liveability
By Dan Evans / 28 Aug, 2023

Australia is suffering a housing appropriateness and affordability crisis. In this article we use the 2023 National Liveability Survey to explain how Australians selected ‘affordable decent housing’ as the...

How ‘liveable’ is Australia? Investing in what’s important to advance quality of life
By Dan Evans / 14 Aug, 2023

Liveability is a personal and subjective concept. It is reflective of an individual’s unique values and experiences of a place. Decision makers wanting to advance quality of life need to place resident’s values...

With the Commonwealth Games cancelled, Regional Victoria needs investment in housing & health services
By Dan Evans / 20 Jul, 2023

The 2026 Regional Victoria Commonwealth Games have been cancelled. As the impacted cities and towns come to terms with what this means for their community and local area economy, Daniel Evans takes a look at...

Three key insights from the Living in Australia 2023 – Liveability Survey
By Dan Evans / 13 Jul, 2023

The Living in Australia 2023 – Liveability Survey launch webinar (watch it HERE) highlighted findings from a large and nationally representative survey exploring Australians’ values, experiences, views on local...

‘Living in Parramatta’ report and platform launch
By Dan Evans / 03 May, 2023

The Community Views team are thrilled to launch the ‘Living in Parramatta’ Views report and access to the online reporting platform.

Living in Parramatta - key insights for policymakers webinar
By Dan Evans / 06 Mar, 2023

The City of Parramatta – home to Burramattagal people – is a dynamic and diverse middle suburban area of Western Sydney. Home to around 260,000 residents, the City’s relatively young population is forecast to...

Understanding Wyndham – The Role of ‘Good Job Prospects’
By Dan Evans / 12 Oct, 2022

Recently Dan was invited to speak at a City of Wyndham jobs summit. This blog draws from Dan’s presentation (embedded below) and talks through who lives in Wyndham, how the City is growing and changing, and the...

Understanding Liveability to Advance Quality of Life
By Dan Evans / 20 Sep, 2022

Australia, like many peer nations, has woken up to the fact that we need to understand and measure prosperity in terms broader than GDP. Our leadership – political, social, corporate – is demonstrating this...

Living in Place – Learnings and Applications paper
By Dan Evans / 27 Jun, 2022

Last week the Economist Intelligence Unit released its annual Global Cities Liveability Index and, predictably, the rise and fall of Australian cities created a few headlines.

Living in Place – learnings from the Huon Valley webinar
By Dan Evans / 23 Mar, 2022

More than 18,000 people make their home in the picturesque Huon Valley, Australia’s southernmost LGA. But what do these residents value, how do they experience their local area, what needs to happen to advance...

Living in Regional Victoria webinar and learnings for local government
By Dan Evans / 23 Feb, 2022

More than 8 million people live in Regional and Rural Australia. And, while the ongoing pandemic has shone a light on many of the positive qualities associated with making a home in a regional area, the...

How many people do I need to survey?
By Dan Evans / 07 Oct, 2021

A question I’m always asked by our local government clients is ‘how many people do we need to survey for our results to be representative?’ While survey method plays a big role in answering this question,...

It's 2021, which survey method should I use?
By Dan Evans / 07 Oct, 2021

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, digitisation has changed the way we do a lot of things. From ordering a pizza to visiting a doctor, technological advancements have and will continue to impact the way...

Liveability? Where is the community’s view in all of this?
By Dan Evans / 24 Jun, 2021

In this article, Dan argues that while we can certainly take learnings from studies that bring a top-down approach to understanding liveability, the local policy context really requires a resident-centric...

'Affordable decent housing' - the 2nd most important liveability attribute
By Dan Evans / 08 Apr, 2021

This series takes a deeper look at the attributes that Australians believe makes somewhere a good place to live, where our values and local area experiences differ, rationalisations and implications. In this...

Understanding ‘feeling safe’ – the most important liveability attribute
By Dan Evans / 16 Mar, 2021

This series takes a deeper look at the attributes that Australians believe makes somewhere a good place to live, where our values and local area experiences differ, rationalisations and implications. In this...

Living in Place for the City of Ipswich – a case study
By Dan Evans / 24 Feb, 2021

This brief case study discusses the City of Ipswich’s experience working with .id to deliver their first annual Living in Place project. It talks through why the City needed Living in Place, some of the...

Living in Place – a new way to act in your community’s best interests
By Dan Evans / 24 Feb, 2021

Despite immense variation in size, composition and character, local governments share one common responsibility – to act in the best interests of the community they are entrusted to represent.

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