‘Living in Parramatta’ report and platform launch

‘Living in Parramatta’ report and platform launch

Dan Evans 03 May, 2023

The Community Views team are thrilled to launch the ‘Living in Parramatta’ Views report and access to the online reporting platform. 

The report provides a comprehensive summary of how Parramatta residents’ view their LGA’s liveability and future needs. The data and insights are drawn from our Living in Place community survey – accessible via the platform.

We thank the 1,000+ City of Parramatta residents who completed the survey for their contribution.

What is in the report?
Living in Parramatta builds a narrative about what residents across the City of Parramatta believe makes somewhere a good place to live, how they experience their local area, and what needs to happen to advance quality of life. It details the importance this community places on the provision of ‘reliable and efficient public transport’, ‘social cohesion’ and how experiences of ‘affordable decent housing’ manifest based on residents’ demography, place and life-stage. Living in Parramatta discusses how this community views their health, wellbeing, personal financial circumstances and contextualises all local area insights through comparisons with Greater Sydney and National benchmarks.

By downloading this report you will receive access to the online reporting and exploratory platform and a series of educational on-boarding resources.

Download the report here.

What is Living in Place and
Living in Place is an independent, robust and repeatable community survey that seeks to understand and help advance quality of life across Australia’s local areas. It uses 16 attributes to determine community values and experiences, calculate local area liveability and identify future needs. It also measures health and wellbeing, financial circumstances, local area concerns and ideas for improving quality of life. The Living in Place survey data is analysed and reported through our leading online platform,

Together, Living in Place and provide councils and other organisations with a deep and representative understanding of their community’s views to inform, monitor and evaluate strategic planning and advocacy. 
Learn more about Living in Place and here.
Dan Evans

Dan is a social researcher with more than 10 years’ experience investigating community attitudes to and experiences of planning and development, transport infrastructure, public health and a bunch of other things. Dan joined .id in April 2020 to design and deliver Living in Place – an independent, robust and repeatable community survey that seeks to understand and advance the liveability of Australians’ local areas.

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