How we can help you during the Covid-19 response

How we can help you during the Covid-19 response

Andrew Hedge 17 Mar, 2020

This update is to share how we’re working in response to Covid-19, how you can contact us and what resources are available to support you during this period.

  • We’re continuing to work, just in a different way
  • Our public resources remain available and we will be sharing tips via our blog to help you use our tools to make informed decisions as the community responds to Covid-19
  • If you have a question for our experts in demographics, economics, housing or population, submit it here and we’ll answer it on our blog.


Interactive whitepaper

The impact of the coronavirus on Australia at a state and national level has been reported to the point of saturation. This focus on the big-picture story masks the fact that the impacts will be felt very differently in the thousands of local communities that make up our nation, and the local responses need to be equally nuanced.

We’ve prepared an interactive whitepaper to help you understand the impact on your local community, so you can lead the local response.

Open the interactive whitepaper here.

Our economics team have produced economic forecasts modelling the impact of Covid-19 on your local economy. Click here for instructions on how to find these forecasts for your local area.

Our public resources remain available and we hope everyone continues to use them at this time.

Our demographic resource centre has links to all our local area information tools, including the community profiles and social atlases that give detailed demographic data about local communities. These tools are designed to inform decisions about how to quantify, locate and support vulnerable communities, such as the aged.

As experts in demographics, economics, housing and population, we’re here to help you. If you have a question about any of these topics, submit it here.

Analysis from our experts

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve been publishing blogs and updates from our team of experts.

Working with us during Covid-19

Continuing our work, just not from the office

In the past few days, we’ve taken steps to set up our teams to continue our work and minimise disruption, while respecting the advice from authorities that social distancing is important to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Contacting us

If you have a general enquiry or you’re not sure who to contact, you can contact us here or submit a question here, and we will arrange the best person to respond.

Further reading about Covid-19

Here are some resources we’ve considered in planning our response to the virus.

Daily updates from the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services.

The Federal Department of health daily alert

The Wikipedia page provides a timeline of events in Australia

Working together

Although there will be challenges, we are fully committed to serving our clients and maintaining business as usual as best we can. Thank you for understanding and working with us as we all pull together to do what we can to arrest the spread of Covid-19.

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