Now online: the economic outlook for local economies

Now online: the economic outlook for local economies

RYAN 09 Jun, 2020

This post provides a brief overview of the new resources available from our economics team to help you understand the impact of Covid-19 on your local economy.

Our economics team have now released new information about the economic impacts of COVID-19 for local and regional areas.

This is aimed at supporting decision-makers to:

  • Identify which parts of local economies have experienced the greatest impacts
  • Support applications for grants, funding and new infrastructure
  • Review & update existing strategy & policy
  • Prepare for the recovery with economic data and an evidence-based approach

The new data includes forecast estimates for the following:

  • Gross Regional Product (GRP)
  • Jobs
  • Industry change
  • Employed residents
  • The impact of Job Seeker and other stimulus packages
  • Comparison to regional, state and national benchmarks.

Find these forecasts for your area

The tool is LIVE now and can be viewed for hundreds of local and regional areas across Australia.

The outlook module can be found in our economic profiles ( under the ‘Economic tools’ menu.

See a screenshot below from the economic profile for Inner West:


To find the outlook for your area

Register here for access to our entire collection of economic profiles for local government areas across Australia.

Once you have registered, you will be taken to a directory of all our local community profiles, where you can search for your area.

Or, preview the tool using one of the following examples.

These forecasts will be updated as new data and other information is released.


Ryan James joined our team in 2013. He works with more than 140 local councils and regional bodies to help them build stories about their places, and to bring an evidence base to their planning and strategic activities using demographic and economic data. He advises strategic planners, community and social planners, economic development teams, and senior management groups as they to respond to the changing nature of their places. He holds a Master's degree in Social Science (Planning & Environments) and is another one of .id's self-confessed city nerds. He is a passionate advocate for placemaking and the ways both policy and the built environment can encourage healthy and sustainable living.

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