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Spotlight on Greater Melbourne - Economic Insights and Outlook

By Rob Hall / 18 Sep, 2023

On the 5th of September 2023, more than 130 local and state government professionals participated in the Spotlight on Greater Melbourne Economy webinar where we highlighted key findings from the 2023 State of the Regions Dataset.

A Place to Call Home: The High Impact ‘Affordable Decent Housing’ has on Liveability
By Dan Evans / 28 Aug, 2023

Australia is suffering a housing appropriateness and affordability crisis. In this article we use the 2023 National Liveability Survey to explain how Australians selected ‘affordable decent housing’ as the...

How ‘liveable’ is Australia? Investing in what’s important to advance quality of life
By Dan Evans / 14 Aug, 2023

Liveability is a personal and subjective concept. It is reflective of an individual’s unique values and experiences of a place. Decision makers wanting to advance quality of life need to place resident’s values...

ABS opens second phase of 2026 Census topic consultation

The ABS is consulting on the topics to be included in the 2026 Census. Initial submissions are in, and there is now a list of suggested topics and changes for which the ABS is seeking feedback. Census expert...

With the Commonwealth Games cancelled, Regional Victoria needs investment in housing & health services
By Dan Evans / 20 Jul, 2023

The 2026 Regional Victoria Commonwealth Games have been cancelled. As the impacted cities and towns come to terms with what this means for their community and local area economy, Daniel Evans takes a look at...

Three key insights from the Living in Australia 2023 – Liveability Survey
By Dan Evans / 13 Jul, 2023

The Living in Australia 2023 – Liveability Survey launch webinar (watch it HERE) highlighted findings from a large and nationally representative survey exploring Australians’ values, experiences, views on local...

Exploring the industry sectors that make your region unique

.id has recently launched a new tool to help communities understand and promote their strategic industries. In today’s blog, we explore the insights we found from exploring the Creative and Cultural sector in...

Australia’s population booms again with post-COVID migration surge

In 2022, Australia’s population grew by record numbers – our largest ever recorded increase a calendar year. This was driven largely by a surge in international migration. Glenn breaks down the story by state...

Could private capital resolve our housing crisis?
By Daniel Corbett / 02 Jun, 2023

Could property investment capital be redirected to offer new solutions to Australia’s housing crises? Why aren’t existing solutions gaining traction? A summary of the PEXA / LongView housing whitepaper,...

The top 50 largest cities and towns in Australia, 2022 edition

Demographer Glenn Capuano provides the latest update to the top 50 cities and towns in Australia.

What's shaping population in Australia's growth areas?
By Kieran McConnell / 17 May, 2023

As Australia’s new suburbs continue to accommodate much of the country’s population growth, it becomes crucial to adapt housing and services to meet the evolving demands of their growing share of maturing...

What factors cause growth or decline in the school-aged population of places?
By Andrew Hedge / 17 May, 2023

By 2041, our forecasts show Australia will have 624,000 more school-aged children than it did in 2021; 252,000 primary school-aged (5-11), and 372,000 secondary-school aged (12-17). And every one of these...

Ten areas in your state that need to plan for more school students
By Andrew Hedge / 15 May, 2023

Just as schools have evolved beyond ‘chalk and talk’ in the education experience they provide our kids, the profession of demographic forecasting has developed in recent years to the point where school planning...

Understanding demographics is key to helping communities facing barriers

With the recent release of 2021 SEIFA data, local governments in Australia now have a complete range of powerful demographic and socioeconomic information from the 2021 Census to use when assessing the...

Surging overseas migration: a Covid correction or the new normal?
By Andrew Hedge / 10 May, 2023

Anyone following the news cycle in the lead-up to the federal budget will have heard the figure of ‘400,000 people from overseas coming to Australia this year’. That level of migration has created headlines...

The devil is in the detail: how to pinpoint the location of population growth
By Andrew Hedge / 08 May, 2023

If you’re planning for future demand for a product, service or piece of infrastructure, a population forecast will be an important part of your evidence base.

Early insights from 2023 NIEIR State of the Regions dataset
By Rob Hall / 08 May, 2023

.id recently published the 2023 NIEIR State of the Regions (SOR) dataset. This dataset is the country’s only economic and employment dataset that provides annual economic and employment information at the LGA...

‘Living in Parramatta’ report and platform launch
By Dan Evans / 03 May, 2023

The Community Views team are thrilled to launch the ‘Living in Parramatta’ Views report and access to the online reporting platform.

Advantage and disadvantage across Australia: SEIFA 2021

Where are the most advantaged and disadvantaged areas in Australia? Census expert Glenn Capuano explains the SEIFA indexes and explores the results of the recently released 2021 update.

Is renting in Australia broken?
By Daniel Corbett / 28 Apr, 2023

At a time when more people are renting for longer, the rental market is facing a series of challenges. Rental affordability and availability is decreasing for those most in need, while the rental experience...

Has Melbourne overtaken Sydney to become Australia’s largest city?

Has Melbourne’s population really overtaken Sydney’s? With the latest Regional Population dataset from the ABS just out, Glenn digs into the detail behind the headlines. Hint: it’s all about how you define a...

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