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Greenfield Futures

By Richard Thornton / 01 Mar, 2018

.id was recently commissioned to undertake a study looking at greenfield developments to better understand the likely demographic composition as these estates become fully developed and begin to age. The results of the study were...

Who said you should look out further? The shift to established areas
By .id archive / 09 Jan, 2018

Famously labelled by Australian artist Courtney Barnett, ‘Depreston’ echoes the sentiment of a larger issue plaguing the wider metropolitan area of Melbourne. Barnett sings of the juxtaposition of an area...

Urban growth in Melbourne’s fringe: spotlight on Tarneit
By SCOTT HONG / 04 Jan, 2018

Metropolitan Melbourne is experiencing unprecedented population growth and remains an attractive destination for migrants from regional Victoria, interstate and overseas. Because of this, suburbs on the fringe...

Rise of the YIMBYs
By Andrew Hedge / 24 Nov, 2017

You would think, at a glance, that pin-striped property developers and avocado-addicted, socially-progressive millennials would make for rather strange bedfellows.

Rents on the rise

In my previous article, I looked at the amazing result from the 2016 Census, that showed housing loan repayments across the country, and particularly for first home buyers, have not increased over time. In...

Planning for change in Warrnambool and Colac-Otway

This year .id had the chance to work with two different areas in Victoria’s South-West – Warrnambool and Colac Otway.

Children in apartments – where the bloody hell are they?
By Georgia Allan / 21 Aug, 2017

Greater Sydney, that’s where! The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Greater Sydney have dominated the children in apartments market in 2016.

What housing affordability crisis?

It seems you can’t open a newspaper (does anyone do that anymore?), look at a website, or watch the TV news without seeing some story about housing affordability.

The death of the great Australian dream? Are more families living in apartments?
By Georgia Allan / 24 Jul, 2017

If .id had a dollar for every time someone asked us about families with children living in apartments, we could probably shut our doors and retire comfortably. But in all seriousness, it’s a real area of...

Are children staying at home for longer?

There has been a lot of talk about housing affordability in recent years, particularly housing affordability for young people.

Are vacant dwellings in Australia just a coastal phenomenon?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 13 Jul, 2017

Vacant dwellings seem to get a bad rap in the mainstream press and social media – they are blamed for housing affordability issues, for having negative social outcomes in coastal areas and are even associated...

What’s driving Sydney’s population exodus?

The 2015-16 release of “Regional Internal Migration Estimates” hardly makes a ripple each year when released by the ABS. But this year’s release tells a powerful story.

Perspectives on New Zealand’s proposed Urban Development Authority

What do London, Melbourne, Sydney and Toronto have in common? Dense and expensive housing. Following the footsteps of these big cities we have a love/hate relationship with, the New Zealand Government recently...

Spotlight on Footscray's changing housing market
By Richard Thornton / 21 Jun, 2016

In a rapidly growing and gentrifying area, what are the implications for community facilities?

Are investors responsible for all the vacant dwellings?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 31 May, 2016

Recently the City Futures Research Centre at the UNSW published a blog article that suggested that there was a link between vacant dwellings and rental yields. It concluded that dwelling vacancy rates were...

Renting levels are on the increase in New Zealand

Home affordability is a big deal in many parts of New Zealand. On a weekly basis, there a predictable bruhaha in the media about Auckland alone. The following infographic depicts levels of affordability for...

Are Australia’s migrants home owners?

About 60% of Australia’s population growth in any given year is due to overseas migration. Australia has always been a country of migrants, and in 2011, almost 25% of Australia’s population was born overseas,...

Where is Australia’s renovation capital?

In 2014-15 financial year, Australians did $7.2 billion worth of renovation requiring approval, a figure which more than doubled since the year 2000. The popularity of TV shows like “The Block” and “House...

Vacant dwellings, rife in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, over 80,000 properties were vacant in 2014. What does this mean for the housing market?

Housing bubbles, rents and affordability in Sydney and Melbourne: A demographer's take

One of the most popular topics in the media at the moment is housing affordability. Specifically, are Sydney and Melbourne housing prices in a bubble? Take for example this recent article in the Fairfax media.

Does dwelling growth lead to population growth?
By Simone - Myth Buster / 23 Jun, 2015

One of the more common misconceptions about population change is the relationship with dwellings and household structure. Many people assume that new dwellings means an increase in population. But as with most...

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