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What is shaping population growth in regional Queensland?

By Kieran McConnell / 29 Sep, 2022

Regional Queensland’s growth in family age groups is outpacing the rest of regional Australia and is predominantly driven by Queensland’s major regional cities.

Australia’s population growth bounces back in March 2022 quarter

The latest quarterly update for Australia’s population shows the impact of re-opening national borders, and includes some minor adjustments to previous revised figures. Demographic expert Glenn Capuano analyses...

The health of a nation

The 2021 Census included a new question regarding long-term health conditions. Nenad looks at the national and state stories this new dataset tells us, and digs into how the data can inform local government...

Rebased population estimates – big changes to your LGA population

Revised yearly population estimates for LGAs from 2017 onwards have just been released by the ABS, based on the 2021 Census. Glenn explains how this revision process (rebasing) works and what it means for LGAs...

Census crystal ball gazing: the results

Following the first release of data from the 2021 Census, demographer and Census expert Glenn Capuano revisits the predictions he made about what this Census would show.

Australia's net overseas migration increasing again

While most of us were glued to our screens and TVs in anticipation of the first release of the 2021 Census, another valuable statistical dataset was released by the ABS – “National, state and territory...

Census release: Australia's population revised downward, major changes to state and territory growth rates

Along with the first release from the 2021 Census, the ABS have released updated estimates for Australia’s states and territories and revised previous estimates for the last five years. These revisions shed new...

2021 Census data reveals the changing nature of Australia

Highlights from the first release of data from the 2021 Census. What are the major shifts at the national level? What trends will you be reading about in the coming weeks and months?

2021 Census update plans

The ABS has confirmed the date for the first release of data from the 2021 Census. Read on for details on the release and how data will flow through to your .id information tools.

The 50 largest cities and towns in Australia | Pandemic edition

This is the annual update to the popular Top 50 cities in Australia blog. Updated population data is released every year by the ABS; see what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and how COVID-19 has affected the...

Melbourne and Sydney populations fall while regional areas grow

Glenn looks at the annual population update for Local Government Areas, continuing the story of population loss in our largest cities and population growth in regional areas. Read to the end to understand how...

Using Census data to understand changing community diversity
By Daniel Corbett / 11 Jan, 2022

Daniel walks through our work reviewing categorisations for birthplace, ancestry, language and religion topics for our demographic information tools. This blog is part of our ongoing series sharing our work...

Australia’s low population growth increases slightly in the June 2021 quarter

The latest data shows Australia’s population growth increasing slightly in the June 2021 quarter. Glenn analyses the data in relation to COVID-19 and the different drivers of change across the states and...

Australia’s birth rate declines to a record low in 2020

A review of the 2020 Australian Births data, breaking down some of the implications of a record low fertility rate and addressing misinterpretations regarding the impact of COVID-19 on these numbers.

Bushfire preparedness with demographics

Local governments play a key role in protecting and preparing their local communities when it comes to bushfires and other natural disasters. In this blog, Nenad demonstrates some of the ways we at .id work...

Interpreting Census data at the local level
By Daniel Corbett / 24 Nov, 2021

Seven months out from first the release of 2021 Census data, we’re already working to ensure insights from this key demographic dataset are available to our partners in local government and related...

Australia’s life expectancy ranks 6th in the world

The latest release of Life Tables shows life expectancy in Australia continues to grow, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Glenn looks at how Australia compares with other countries and revisits his personal life...

Fewer deaths in 2020 despite the pandemic

Glenn takes a look at the recently released ABS death statistics for 2020 – and finds a cheerier tale than you may expect.

Australia’s population growth almost zero

The ABS have now released a full 12 months of COVID-affected population-growth data. Victoria’s population is declining sharply, Queensland is booming. Glenn provides a state-by-state analysis of the...

Update on the 2021 Census collection – 13 September

In this post, Glenn updates us on the latest Census tally figures from the ABS. How is the Census response rate tracking? How do unoccupied dwellings affect this story?

COVID vaccination rates and SEIFA

As many of us breathlessly review the daily vaccination rates, Glenn takes a look at how vaccination rates differ between LGAs – and how this difference bares a strong resemblance to areas of advantage and...

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