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By - rob hall

.id helps secure funding for cinema complex in Kempsey

By Rob Hall / 01 Dec, 2015

Kempsey Shire Council received a $2m grant from the National Stronger Regions Fund for development of a cinema complex in the Kempsey CBD.

Manufacturing in decline? Not in this town…
By Rob Hall / 28 Nov, 2015

I recently wrote about Australia’s economic transformation to services and knowledge intensive activities (see here). Alongside this trend has been a steady decline in overall manufacturing jobs. But the...

Economic appraisal of Bathurst Bike Park
By Rob Hall / 01 Nov, 2015

.id undertook an economic appraisal of a $1.6 million upgrade to the Bathurst Bike Park.

Positioning our suburbs and regional cities for economic growth – why place matters
By Rob Hall / 13 Oct, 2015

“It would appear that a spot has at last been found upon the south coast of New Holland… All who have ever landed there agree to the richness of its soil and the abundance of its pastures.” ~~ Charles Sturt,...

Economic appraisal of Bathurst Regional Airport
By Rob Hall / 01 Oct, 2015

.id’s economic appraisal of upgrades to the Bathurst Regional Airport helped Bathurst Regional Council to secure $2.5m in funding from the National Stronger Region Fund.

Strategies for encouraging employment clusters outside the CBD
By Rob Hall / 29 Sep, 2015

Employment clusters are becoming more and more important as Australia shifts towards an economy based on skills, ideas and connections. But where are they? How are they changing? And how can we help them get...

Economic appraisal of Beverley Multipurpose Community Centre
By Rob Hall / 01 Sep, 2015

The Beverley Community Resource Centre will provide a revitalised, stable and integral hub for the Beverley Community.

How housing affordability can play a role in economic development
By Rob Hall / 27 Aug, 2015

Housing affordability is typically considered a social issue and is given limited attention in many economic development strategies. Research by .id shows that if housing is no longer affordable for lower...

Insights for local governments from the Federal Budget
By Rob Hall / 30 Jun, 2015

The 2015-16 Federal Budget has now been handed down. Budget Paper 1 provides a treasure trove of economic analysis and forecasts of the Australian economy. Let’s synthesize the main points of interest for local...

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