Case study: What is your economic story?

Rob Hall - Senior Urban Economist

Rob is driven by a desire to help shape communities for a better future. Trained as an economist, he has a unique fifteen-year background in economics, demographics, statistics and strategic planning with a focus on understanding how economic forces influences local government areas across Australia. At .id, Rob leads the economic team to provide Local Government with high-quality analysis and information tools, including specialised consulting services and tailored information products such as By working at the intersection of place and economic analysis, Rob offers insights that help local government develop strategies with confidence and make informed investment decisions.

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3 Responses

  1. Ron Roberts says:

    Do you have an economic breakup of the entire Australian population. Incomes and expenses into major groups

  2. Colin says:


    just wanted to let you know, the link to the full report doesn’t seem to work?


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