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By - dan evans

Living in Place for the City of Ipswich – a case study

By Dan Evans / 24 Feb, 2021

This brief case study discusses the City of Ipswich’s experience working with .id to deliver their first annual Living in Place project. It talks through why the City needed Living in Place, some of the specifics around how the project...

Living in Place – a new way to act in your community’s best interests
By Dan Evans / 24 Feb, 2021

Despite immense variation in size, composition and character, local governments share one common responsibility – to act in the best interests of the community they are entrusted to represent.

So what makes somewhere a good place to live?
By Dan Evans / 26 May, 2020

If you’re in community planning and want to understand what your residents believe makes somewhere a good place to live, this blog explains why it’s important to put residents’ values and experiences at the...

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