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Who are your Communities of Interest?

For a long time, at .id training sessions, I’ve been asked whether we provide cross-tabulated information. Often this is in the form of questions, like “Can you tell me how old our Indian-born population...

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Got anything to report?

.id’s demographic and economic tools are easy to use, and web-based so they are available for anyone to explore, online. But we realise that council officers often get asked for a hard-copy (or PDF)...

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Check the data notes!

I know it’s boring, but some of the most useful information in the .id demographic tools is hidden away in a link at the bottom of each table. In, as well as having...

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Making sense of population counts

When people ask – “How many people live in xyz?” they expect a straight forward, unambiguous answer. If only it were that simple! Believe it or not there are several different ways to count people in places. Do you want to know how many were there on a particular day, or how many usually live there? In this blog we explain the different types of population statistics and when to use each one.

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What is your consultation delivering?

Many New Zealand councils are still up to their armpits in the 2012 Long Term Plan (LTP) consultation. It’s a huge undertaking and one of the most important consultation tasks conducted by councils. I...