A demographic view of the same sex marriage survey results

Georgia Allan

Georgia completed a Masters in Population Studies and Demography at Flinders University in Adelaide. At .id. Georgia prepares our custom client reports, tailored client briefings and handles client queries. She works closely with our Spatial Consultants, assisting them with consulting work for the education, aged-care and not-for profit sector. When not in the office, she is likely to be cooking, knitting, crocheting, buried in a good book or wandering around the Botanic Gardens on a nice day.

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2 Responses

  1. Norm Good says:

    Good work guys. I grabbed some ABS CED data and looked at language spoken at home by proportion of the Yes vote. As you say we can’t say for sure that the cultural/religious proportion account for the responses seen, however there certainly is an interesting correlation between language spoken at home and voting intentions. I used a PCA analyis and scaled all the data to look at relative contributions.

  2. Is there likely to be a more detailed breakdown of results by age released by the ABS?
    I would be very interested in that data.

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