Our first Census update is live!

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is an ABS data expert with huge intellect and capacity to convert demographic data into profound insights about places. He has contributed numerous blogs and consulting projects covering economic development, housing consumption and affordability, migration, fertility, ageing, role and function of ‘place’, communities of interest and more. Glenn works with over 120 councils bringing the client perspective into the development of our information products. He is a Census data expert, having worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 10 years. If there's anything Glenn doesn't know about the Census, it's probably not worth knowing - so ask Glenn!

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3 Responses

  1. Nik Blaskovic says:


    I sometimes need to leverage the census data from .id by extracting a table of the data I require and then linking it to the GIS polygons for the areas to create map layers for use in other combination with other gis data.
    Statistical Area Level 1? Is that what they are called?
    Have those changed? If so can I download the new ones?

  2. Van Pham says:

    Your information is very useful for my job.
    I would like to say a deepest thank for your kind support.

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