Measuring generosity in communities

Penny - Population expert

Based in New Zealand, Penny primarily looks after our Kiwi clients but also lends her expertise to the Australian context. Penny has extensive experience as a Communication Manager in Local Government and has a degree in Business and Communications. She also brings a breadth of generalist management experience in fields as varied as research, civil defence, project and event management, marketing and training. Penny’s knowledge combined with the .id tools help clients work with their communities to empower grass roots decision-making, advocacy and grant applications, and focus on strengthening council-community relationships. Penny has a rural property and enjoys growing and eating food and wine, which she runs, walks, bikes or swims off, when she’s not in the art studio.

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3 Responses

  1. Great article, thanks!

  2. Elias Hadjisavas says:


    Philanthropy calls the heart and mind
    Because they’re are oblivious of pain and hardship
    In the world we live inn in the world’s plains
    Brothers are deprived, and in pain and or starving
    Brothers without future tied and constraint

    The call is made through the spiritual wave
    For all to hear for all to be embraced
    It’s a call for action from haves to have nots
    Through souls that are tuned to all other
    Of less importance matters of sorts

    Some hear a silence, some hear the call
    Some ignore the message because greed is in control
    But others convert the message in action of sorts

    Philanthropy Philanthropy where do you resite
    Where is your conscience where is your domain
    What fosters your growth your altruistic ways?
    Why do you always emerge when need is at play

    Your call to arms is a cry to save
    Humans in poverty or condemned to die
    Humans trapped by destiny in cages as pray
    To be exploited and or consumed outright

    Philanthropy seats at its place
    Reflects through ages dwells in space
    Raises memories and deeds to retrace
    Checks benefits and deeds to replace

    Why don’t I make philanthropy
    A business venture with grace
    That attracts souls with a conscience
    Humans who are not longer debased.

    Together we can bond
    Humans in need in a common pond
    Where they can grow and bow
    To the power of giving others a fair go.

    Giving shall be unconditional
    Divorced from traditions
    Religious platitudes
    Or ego driven attitudes

    Philanthropy is about giving
    Exchanging a little overeating
    For a little hope of relieving
    Despair for life and some living

    One may have suspicions or misgivings
    About their considered portion of giving
    Whether it will make any difference
    Or be consumed by others with indifference
    At the end of the day the giver relies
    On the receivers integrity and pride
    Free from pretentiousness or exploitive ways
    Genuineness without the thankfulness

    Philanthropy’s reward
    Is simple and small
    Unconditionality seats at its throne
    Together with god they rejoice
    In deeds that are always condoned

    Philanthropy is at the echelon
    Of all human virtues
    Maslow encourages it
    As an attribute that needs display

    Philanthropy challenges
    Its enemy obstructers
    Greed, materialism racism
    Are at war against philanthropy’s
    Honourable gestures

    Compassion rises
    And helps its cohort
    Together in symbiosis
    They win all prises

    So come on all you victims
    In the grip of your greed
    Break free from its hold
    Embrace giving to be free
    Embrace giving and be free

    Elias Hadjisavas

  3. Kate says:

    thanks, yep so interesting!

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