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Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is our resident Census expert. After ten years working at the ABS, Glenn's deep knowledge of the Census has been a crucial input in the development of our community profiles. These tools help everyday people uncover the rich and important stories about our communities that are often hidden deep in the Census data. Glenn is also our most prolific blogger - if you're reading this, you've just finished reading one of his blogs. Take a quick look at the front page of our blog and you'll no doubt find more of Glenn's latest work. As a client manager, Glenn travels the country giving sought-after briefings to councils and communities (these are also great opportunities for Glenn to tend to his rankings in Geolocation games such as Munzee and Geocaching).

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4 Responses

  1. Philip Hunt says:

    having just visited Townsville, I was told the city passes 200,000 this month & becomes the largest regional city in Australia overtaking Geelong. Your figures must be way out for Qld. Numbers are supplied by TCC. any comment?

    • Hi Philip, thanks for your comments. For all these areas we are quoting the official ABS figures for June 2011. Obviously we are more than a year on from this at the moment, so this may have an impact. Brisbane SD takes in Moreton Bay and Ipswich so these figures are correct, and for 2011 should be close to the mark. For Townsville, make sure you are referring to the Statistical District, which is not necessarily the same as the LGA – which can include substantial rural areas and outlying towns. The Statistical District includes the urban area of the centre and immediate surrounds.

  2. Philip.Hunt says:

    I always feel urban Brisbane’s Pop. is underestimated taking into account the enormous growth in Moreton Bay Regional council & Ipswich council areas. I est a short fall of 100,000. Melbourne is often over Brisbane’s expense. Is this byis? Bris. urban must be gaining at least 60,000pa not 33,000 (or is this Bris. city only & not all the greater area) I feel a rethink is called on for here & a proper reflection of our true size is given. I est Gr. Bris. at over 2.25 million at the moment & I bet I am nearer the mark than you are.

  3. James McIntosh says:

    I am looking for Historical Australian Capital city populations to match with the BITRE transport statistics to get per capita change. Any thoughts where I can get it. Thanks, James

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