Are we about to surf another wave of European migration?

Simone - Myth Buster

Simone has a rich background in human geography, demography and urban planning – a background that was useful in her previous roles in the Commonwealth and State Governments, and now as part of the forecast team at .id. From the Queensland coast to the southern suburbs of Perth, Simone produces population and dwelling forecasts that help local governments make informed decisions about future service and planning needs. She is a regular contributor to .id’s blog and has spoken at several conferences on how our cities and regions are changing. She is a big advocate of evidence-based planning and how Census and other data can inform this. Outside of work Simone is a keen traveller and photographer – interests that tie in well with her professional life and help her to understand “place”.

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3 Responses

  1. nicki says:

    Great stuff Sim! Well written and excellent research.You know your stuff woman! Takes me back 20 years to you at the Big Mac!
    I have a request. I am so bloody ignorant of blogs etc but want to set one up to help me in my endless search for editing/writing work.
    Is there any chance that in your copious leisure time (not!) you might be able to write me a few tips – like a dummies guide to setting up and using a blog kinda thang?
    i was so impressed with yours – you’ve inspired me!
    Thanks buddy!

  2. Sven Svenssen says:

    It would make sense for Europeans to be seeking greater economic prospects in this part of the word again now. I’ve heard that quite a few Irish have been attracted to the work on offer in WA and I’d expect to hear of other nationalities doing similar before too long.

  3. Pete says:

    One thing that i don’t understand is what effect a global recession would have on australia’s population, particularly if Australia was also hard hit. Would people start leaving – or be forced to leave? Where would they go?

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