What is the State of Regions Presentation?

What is the State of Regions Presentation?

Ronald Haupt 13 Dec, 2023

Each year, our economics team travels across Australia to deliver State of the Regions updates. These presentations, focused on the LGA or region level, provide valuable insights into the economic changes impacting your community. While some sessions are held online, we strive to meet with you in person.

To gauge interest for the upcoming year, we’re reaching out early. These sessions have served diverse audiences, including local businesses, council members, and staff.

If you’d like to participate, please email and we’ll propose potential dates for your session.

To get a feel of what you will see, here is a presentation from Rob Hall at the Darebin Economic Summit. In this presentation Rob presented the local economic drivers and emerging forces over the next decade. You can find a copy of the presentation and key takeaways for business here.



Ronald Haupt

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