Future uses for student accommodation

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  1. Joe Flood says:

    Some of them are privately owned – I actually went to look at one at Box Hill when I separated from my wife. It was OK, but the thought of all those student parties was too much.

    An awful lot of them were built under NRAS up to 2012 – it was opportunistic of the universities to do so and was one of the reasons the scheme was discontinued.

    Some certainly could be absorbed by community housing, who are always short of bed sits. Some could be repurposed/remodelled at 2 for one. .

    • Kieran McConnell says:

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you would have had some sleepless nights if you moved into a student accommodation facility, but it would have been fun at the same time.

      That’s interesting about NRAS. I didn’t come across that in my research. Maybe the universities didn’t want to highlight how they used a program like that for their own purposes. Overall though, there is little academic research into the Australian experience of ‘studentification’ when compared to the US and UK.

      Thanks again


  2. ANN HOME says:

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