How does where you live affect how long you live?

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is our resident Census expert. After ten years working at the ABS, Glenn's deep knowledge of the Census has been a crucial input in the development of our community profiles. These tools help everyday people uncover the rich and important stories about our communities that are often hidden deep in the Census data. Glenn is also our most prolific blogger - if you're reading this, you've just finished reading one of his blogs. Take a quick look at the front page of our blog and you'll no doubt find more of Glenn's latest work. As a client manager, Glenn travels the country giving sought-after briefings to councils and communities (these are also great opportunities for Glenn to tend to his rankings in Geolocation games such as Munzee and Geocaching).

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  1. Fubara Warmate says:

    Very valuable information.

  2. John Newell says:

    Hi there.
    Are there statistics available for the life expectancies of varying TRADIESPEOPLE – who have in many instances vulnerability to the negative effects of ( less than great ) diet, hard work that impacts on bones, backs, legs and more, extended exposure to the outside elements, stress and more.

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