Riding the boom and bust

Keenan Jackson

Keenan is an economic development specialist who has worked extensively analysing and developing economic programs, strategies and policies in the public sector. Keenan works with our local government clients to help them explore and understand how their regions are changing over time to help them make better decisions and create evidence-based strategies related to local economic development. Keenan enjoys running, travelling and is soon to be a father, eagerly awaiting the challenges and delights it brings.

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  1. Peter Jackson says:

    As a Brisbanite currently holidaying in Greece, the question is why do people choose to fly overseas rather than the NT. The answer is quite simple, domestic airfares are far too high, Australian accommodation is expensive compared to Southern Europe and generally getting around the key tourist attractions is lengthy and pricey. Australia must become more cost competitive and people should not expect to earn $250k as a right. In addition, unfortunately, the climate is challenging to live in and I hate to think of air con costs in the NT. So it is not surprising that so few people live in Darwin. If the government wants more people to live in the NT the government has to make it worthwhile. Tax breaks, incentives, cheap flights, low cost housing and so first rate marketing of the place. I remember 30 years ago you could buy a Around Australia air ticket which made it affordable to get to Darwin and Ayers Rock / Uluru but the economics of air travel has changed. One last thought, it is more expensive to Tavel by train to longreach than fly. Why? If you are a pensioner I think you get one free trip so the train are full of pensioners and not tourists. QR and the government don’t get this. The trains should be full of tourists and families. Make it price competitive with overseas and people will buy the product.

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