Who are Australia’s homeless?

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is an ABS data expert with huge intellect and capacity to convert demographic data into profound insights about places. He has contributed numerous blogs and consulting projects covering economic development, housing consumption and affordability, migration, fertility, ageing, role and function of ‘place’, communities of interest and more. Glenn works with over 120 councils bringing the client perspective into the development of our information products. He is a Census data expert, having worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 10 years. If there's anything Glenn doesn't know about the Census, it's probably not worth knowing - so ask Glenn!

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11 Responses

  1. John deri says:

    Why the Australian government doesn’t build low cost housing,like early fifties sixties and eighties when start to sell public housing.

  2. Barry says:

    Dear Lailani, a major factor in the homeless problem would have to be marriage and family breakdown.
    This would be aggravated by the contemporary phenomenon of ‘shacking up’, which I recall once reading as ‘serial monogamy’.
    Today’s instability of ‘family life’ including the world’s highest per capita divorce rate, the growing divide between the haves and have not’s, the casualization of the workforce have all been factors in contributing to social instability. As usual it is the vulnerable who suffer the most. It is a reminder that if we want to fix society, we have to start with the basic social unit of the family. Fix the family and most of our problems would either disappear or greatly decline. As long as we continue undermining the basic social unit, our problems will continue.

  3. Alex Stitt says:

    Fantastic information, thanks guys. I would never have thought to hunt out this information from the available data. Really helps inform my views and opinions. The one statistic I was really hoping to see but did not was the number or % of under 18y.o. homeless.

  4. Alex Daw says:

    Would you find it helpful to see homeless population figures directly on your community profile highlights page? Yes please 🙂

    • I would like to second that!

    • Thanks for the input! We are currently in the process of putting the 2016 homeless estimate for each LGA onto a tile in the population highlights page (on profile.id) for our clients. This should be online by the end of the week. Unfortunately it’s just a single number at this stage – we may be able to do a limited change over time figure in future, but no breakdown into types of homelessness is available at an LGA level.

  5. Robert says:

    The main reason families fall apart are from economic problems.
    Liberals being the usual suspects.
    Just in their DNA.

  6. Eliza Kerle says:

    The 2016 homeless estimate for each LGA onto a tile in the population highlights page is very helpful. Is there a plan to upload the 2011 estimate for comparison like other tiles?

    • Andrew Hedge says:

      Hi Eliza, and thanks for your feedback. The difficulty is that with changes to local government areas (LGAs) and amalgamations we can’t display it for any LGA which has changed boundaries, and at the moment the tool doesn’t support having this feature for some areas and not others.
      We know this is important, in demand information, and pointing to changes over time is at the heart of the story you want to tell – so we are working on it.

  7. Mary says:

    I’m particularly interested in the figures for the Gold Coast. Do you have such figures yet.
    I know that it is would have to be an approximate figure as, by their very nature, the homeless often need to move around.

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