Population densities of Australian capital cities

Nenad - demographic consultant

Nenad’s background is in geosciences and geographic information systems. At .id, Nenad has experience as both as a demographer and population forecaster. His areas of expertise are place-based analysis, identifying spatial patterns in demographic trends, community profiling, catchment analysis and an understanding of role and function of different communities.

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  1. Simon K says:

    I really enjoy the maps you put together. Was this done in MapInfo 12.5?

    • Hello Simon,

      I actually did these on a trial version of ArcScene (part of the ArcGIS suite), my preferred GIS platform. I saw that QGIS also had a plug-in for 3D/extruded maps but it was difficult to set up and manoeuvre the maps the way I wanted them to look.

      Glad you enjoyed the maps.


  2. Simon says:

    Great post Nenad, looking forward to the Melbourne and Sydney posts. I work in the technical team over at Esri Australia, big fan of this blog. I was wondering if you had a look at exporting from ArcGIS to a Web Scene? From here you can then upload to ArcGIS Online, and embed 3D interactive maps for your readers to look at (with predefined bookmarks zooming the user to areas of interest). ArcGIS Online is part of your trial, but if your making the items public, you can make use of the free Developer plan for id to get maps out to the public. If you want, you could send me the ArcScene project + data, and I can whip something up quick to show you what I mean? Not trying to sell you something here, just wanted to make sure you get the most out of your evaluation and happy to help for your next two blog posts if you like 🙂


    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for that, I’m always interested in seeing how information like this can be disseminated without losing value/impact. I’m just back in the office after a few days so will take a look at your links. Kind Regards.

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