Lessons in over-simplifying statistics – or why I’m not such a Wally with water

Glenn - The Census Expert

Glenn is our resident Census expert. After ten years working at the ABS, Glenn's deep knowledge of the Census has been a crucial input in the development of our community profiles. These tools help everyday people uncover the rich and important stories about our communities that are often hidden deep in the Census data. Glenn is also our most prolific blogger - if you're reading this, you've just finished reading one of his blogs. Take a quick look at the front page of our blog and you'll no doubt find more of Glenn's latest work. As a client manager, Glenn travels the country giving sought-after briefings to councils and communities (these are also great opportunities for Glenn to tend to his rankings in Geolocation games such as Munzee and Geocaching).

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2 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Glenn, I enjoyed your article, on issues in common, clarifying and demonstrating sound logic. ‘Dumbed down knowledge’, often form utility and supplier organisations, is often quite disappointing and an inefficient use of effort. It is like looking at a watch and saying its about a quarter passed; rather then saying its 18 minutes passed; which could make all the difference. Your topic is pertinent as utility prices increase; it seems regardless of carbon tax amendments. Finally, please continue to provide us with your informed observations. Cheers Peter

  2. Gus says:

    Water is something I claim should have been investigated years ago as soon as the merchants of perks and pleasures got hold of it, we have all sorts of charges that don;t even relate to any residential household, but they do relate to the 6 figure incomes, with perks and pleasures, that is nothing more than frauldent to the average, hoping to work citizen, ( fat chance these days ) being able to pay their way, ( don’t even think of the pensioner )……….. The powers to be, may be a academic of some description, BUT! what is painfully obvious is the total lack of common sense, in relation to the responsibility of the position they hold………….Ah, yes, the common sense to run a a state, that is a level playing field, people are told the truth, and justified cost to the reality of supply, and consumption, not perking the till, or should I say people’s pockets, I look at mine, and find they are not platinum, as Turnbull thinks, & treasury wants, the G.S.T. at 15%, neither one has any idea what the hell is really happening in Aus. or the ladder effect if the increase goes through, it spreads, effecting many, and much needed essential service requirements, unless you and the family have to sleep under a bridge on the grubby Yarra, you have no worries, except how to die so who exactly, is running beyond fantasy land, on a fools errand, it is definitely not John & Joan Doe, with their pockets being pillaged….Did I hear someone say they have the phone No of God.

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