Happy International Women’s Day!


Rebecca’s background is in marketing and communications and she has previously worked in media companies in Singapore. She is constantly fascinated by technology, so much so that she has enrolled herself in a PhD course to understand how media technologies impact people in different spaces. She's working with us part time to help us negotiate the world of online communications. When you read our blog or our newsletter, it’s Rebecca’s hard work behind the scenes that bring these to you.

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  1. Dale Bloom says:

    In the area of paid work and child caring, some data was prepared 9 years ago.


    In all areas, women prefer to work less hours than men.

    For lone parent fathers, they work about 16 hours more per week than lone mothers, but spend only 4 hours less per week than lone mothers caring for children.

    For an average father, they work about 18 hours more per week than an average mother, but spend 13 hours less per week than an average mother caring for children.

    In the area of housework, there is no standard as to what constitutes necessary or unnecessary housework.

    In fact, someone could vacuum all floors in the house every day and it would be regarded as time spent doing housework, although it may be unnecessary.

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