Does Australia need a smaller car?

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4 Responses

  1. Teena Wright says:

    A coherent way to reduce environmental impact whilst having the benefit of mobility & individual benefits. Is it possible that these cars use renewable fuels soon?

  2. Owen Bantick says:

    Kei car for manufacture in Australia has to be a yes as the current alternatives are not sustainable.
    Where are our designers for a sustainable future ?

  3. King Wheels says:

    Yeah, so nice article, I agree with your thought. Thanks for sharing the brilliant thing.

  4. Ben Rose says:

    Yes is is essential that Australia encourages E-Kei cars and makes special car bays and low license rates for them. Micro EV’s running on >90% renewable electricity and carrying at least two people will be the only sustainable car in a carbon constrained world, having 1/20th of the per person carbon emissions of one person driving a Landcruiser as is common today. If everyone drove Kei cars, parking space would be halved, exhaust emission deaths eliminated and collision deaths greatly reduced, in addition to a 90% reduction in heat deaths in our grand childrens’ lifetime from carbon emissions. It makes ethical and economic sense!

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