Will the kids ever leave home?

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Matthew is at the forefront of land, housing and population forecasting in Australia. As the developer of .id’s forecasting models and an author of .id’s e-books, he is a sought-after and entertaining presenter, and an inspiring consultant. He provides comprehensive insights into the migration, housing and land use changes that drive population and age structure change at the neighbourhood level. Matthew has had a profound influence on .id’s thinking about how we understand cities and regions. Matthew is currently heading a team developing micro-geography forecasts for the whole of Australia.

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3 Responses

  1. Ivan Motley says:

    Let’s face it…. There’s a housing shortage in this country that we really need to do something about – young adults remaining in the family home because they don’t have access to affordable housing is just one of the symptoms.

    • Matthew says:

      Where do you start when it comes to housing shortages. Melbourne – no housing shortage. Sydney – major housing shortage. However, motivation of young people can never be underestimated.

  2. Look to the end of the tunnel- there is a light. Young people never stop growing older. All people, with few exceptions, partner up at least once, most start a family. We’re seeing generation 2 staying at home with Gen 1. I don’t think Gen 1 will want Gen 2 + little Gen 3 all in same home together. The young people MUST move out. They will naturally fuel the demand for additional housing stock

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