The hare and the turtle: commuting statistics

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4 Responses

  1. johnny says:

    I reckon this year’s census will show a large increase in cycle commuting in Melbourne. I think all of the surveys of BV show an upswing. It does of course depend on the weather on census day however!

  2. Glenn Capuano says:

    Census only records up to 3 methods of travel – but today I used four – I drove my car to the service depot (Car as driver), got a lift to the station (Car as passenger), train to the city and tram to a client meeting! Not a great day for bicycle commuting though, weatherwise!

  3. joseph says:

    Bicycle commuting is such a logical choice for modern society. The Segway is the ultimate expression of misguided technology. It is a labour saving device but we are an obese society that needs more exercise, not less. Bicycle commuting provides the exercise we need.

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