Keynote presentation – Economic and Demographic Disruption

Keynote presentation – Economic and Demographic Disruption

Rob Hall 08 Sep, 2022

Urban economist, Rob Hall has drawn on .id’s Economic Health Check reports to deliver a keynote presentation at the recent LGAQ conference.

Presentation overview:

Making informed decisions has perhaps never been more challenging as we face demographic & economic changes from the impacts of COVID-19.

In this presentation Rob shows how demographic disruption has impacted where we live and economic disruption has the potential to influence where we work. Some of these changes will persist, while others will return to trend. The presentation looks at how councils can act now and make the most of this shift.

Keynote presentation - Economic and Demographic Disruption

The main takeaway of the presentation for local government is that these macro forces and changes play out differently depending on the role and function of the region and the LGA. Now, more than ever, accurate local area information is fundamental to reducing risk and making confident, informed decisions.

You can get a copy of the presentation here.

Keynote presentation - Economic and Demographic Disruption

Want to understand how these trends are playing out in your region?

If you work in local government and want to understand how these trends are playing out in your region, then we can help. Here are several options:

  • Economic briefing: Our 30-minute economic briefings provide you with a snapshot of the latest trends impacting your region, including data from the 2021 ABS Census data.
  • id training: Our training sessions shows you how to use and interpret your economic information resources effectively.
  • Consulting: For deeper insights, our consulting team are available to analyse the key challenges and opportunities in your local economy and make recommendations about policy priorities. Our Economic Health Check report has been used by councils all across Australia to get a better understanding of how these macro trends are playing out in their region.

If this interests you, let’s talk! Get in touch and tell us more about your project or needs.

Rob Hall

Rob is driven by a desire to help shape communities for a better future. Trained as an economist, he has a unique twenty-year background in economics, demographics, statistics and strategic planning with a focus on understanding how economic forces influences local government areas across Australia. At .id, Rob provides Local Government with high-quality analysis and information tools, including specialised consulting services and tailored information products such as

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