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Penny - Population expert

Based in New Zealand, Penny primarily looks after our Kiwi clients but also lends her expertise to the Australian context. Penny has extensive experience as a Communication Manager in Local Government and has a degree in Business and Communications. She also brings a breadth of generalist management experience in fields as varied as research, civil defence, project and event management, marketing and training. Penny’s knowledge combined with the .id tools help clients work with their communities to empower grass roots decision-making, advocacy and grant applications, and focus on strengthening council-community relationships. Penny has a rural property and enjoys growing and eating food and wine, which she runs, walks, bikes or swims off, when she’s not in the art studio.

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2 Responses

  1. Lorna Hannan says:

    The deliberative approach can uncover the fears of various communities of interest, fears that are not defined by conflict. T he Trump phenomena and the Brexit vote have uncovered the repercussions of powerlessness and we need new structures in order to become constructive, Deliberative structures are our best hope for now and are a growrth on democracy rnot a reform

  2. Lorna, thanks for your very thoughtful response.

    Yes I agree with you. Deliberative processes will strengthen democracy, but those processes will be required only at the highest strategic level.

    If I reflect back to my time working in Local Government, it was often lower level decisions that created the most tension, issues like freedom camping, dog bylaws, council owned facility closures – all those decisions would not require deliberative processes. That’s where I think the new principles of representation will be excellent.

    I am interested in your assertation that deliberation will uncover “fears not defined by conflict.” Can you expand on this?



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