Exodus from Melbourne to the regions during the pandemic

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5 Responses

  1. Jon Manning says:

    Really interesting article. What would be more interesting is WHO these people are that are moving from the cities to the regions (profession, trade, family units, etc.)?

  2. Robert Cotgrove says:

    How much of the GCCSA exodus is to areas surrounding and adjacent to the GCCSA boundaries, rather than to areas that are not functionally linked to the capital city on a daily basis? For many decades, as car ownership has moved from the “family car” to become a personal possession, population has been spreading outwards to more attractive residential land, given a given bundle of price, living amenity and other benefits. GCCSA boundaries may not have fully caught up with these trends.

    • That would certainly be interesting to know – and we won’t know until the release of Regional Population Growth, 2020 – due in March next year. I suspect a lot of the movement is to areas which were already growing, within 100km or so of the GCCSA boundary. I don’t think too many people are moving to the more remote areas, but we will see!

  3. Nancy Vaughan says:

    Fantastic article, thank you Glenn. We live in Cape Paterson in Bass Coast Shire and can report an acceleration of the shift (which we had observed already in recent years) of holiday home owners (often retirees/semi-retirees) becoming permanent residents. Some holiday home owners originally just relocated temporarily to escape the harsher restrictions in Melbourne, but it appears that many are now deciding to stay here. Two of our immediate neighbours have done just that. Now we just need local public services to catch up to the increased demand from the additional population, as well as increased expectation of some of the benefits of city life! It is taking some time adjusting to how hard it is to even get an appointment for the dog at the vet!!

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